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6 Ways CalendarAnything Overcomes Salesforce Native Calendar Limitations

By 08.17.23 CalendarAnything logo breaking through a wall
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Salesforce has undoubtedly revolutionized the way businesses manage their customer relationships and streamline operations. However, when it comes to calendaring capabilities, the native Salesforce calendar can be restrictive, limiting the full potential of the Salesforce platform. Thankfully, there is a solution that unlocks an advanced visual of Salesforce – CalendarAnything. 

CalendarAnything is the #1 Salesforce calendar app. More than just a calendar, CalendarAnything allows for the advanced visualization of any standard, custom, or external object in Salesforce. CalendarAnything’s intuitive approach improves overall Salesforce adoption by eliminating the need for external calendars.  

Below we explore the limitations of the Salesforce native calendar and showcase how CalendarAnything breaks free from these constraints, providing unparalleled value and functionality. 

1. Limited customization options

The Salesforce native calendar offers only basic customization options, often falling short of meeting diverse business needs. CalendarAnything empowers you to create dynamic and personalized calendars. With CalendarAnything, customization becomes almost limitless. You can tailor your calendar views by user or team, with multi-level conditional coloring for quick decision-making and advanced filtering options to align with business requirements.  

CalendarAnything can visualize thousands of records in one view as opposed to the native Salesforce calendar limit of 250 records. This feature allows your business to seamlessly manage all schedules, resource availability, and project timelines.  

2. Inflexible event management

Salesforce’s native calendar lacks the ability to handle complex event scheduling and management. CalendarAnything introduces advanced features such as recurring events, custom create forms, and multi-day events. This flexibility allows you to effortlessly schedule appointments, meetings, tasks, events, or custom records in Salesforce, enabling better organization and efficiency. Say goodbye to manual workarounds and embrace streamlined event management with CalendarAnything. 

3. Inadequate collaboration features

Collaboration is critical in today’s business landscape, and the native Salesforce calendar falls short in facilitating team coordination and communication, especially in Digital Communities. CalendarAnything enhances collaboration by enabling real-time sharing and synchronization of calendars.

You can grant access to specific users or teams and embed a dynamic calendar within a Digital Experience or any Salesforce record layout, ensuring everyone is on the same page. Furthermore, CalendarAnything integrates with Chatter, Slack, Google Calendar, and Outlook Calendar, promoting collaboration and enhancing team productivity.

4. Restricted views and filtering

The lack of comprehensive views and filtering capabilities in the Salesforce native calendar can hinder data analysis and decision-making. CalendarAnything offers a variety of views, including day, week, month, swimlane, and Gantt views, providing a complete overview of your calendar data. 

Plus, the advanced visualizations of Salesforce data, in conjunction with filters, enable you to generate insights quickly and gain valuable business intelligence to make decisions quickly. With CalendarAnything, you can make data-driven decisions with confidence. 

5. Mobile and offline access

Mobile and offline access to calendars is vital in today’s fast-paced world. Unfortunately, the Salesforce native calendar’s mobile experience is often limited. CalendarAnything, on the other hand, provides seamless mobile capability, ensuring you can access, update, and manage your calendars on the go. Moreover, it offers offline capabilities, allowing you to stay productive even without an internet connection.

6. Custom development

CalendarAnything takes customization to a whole new level by allowing organizations to incorporate custom buttons that trigger Salesforce flows – no more struggles adapting to a new calendar process. That means your team can effortlessly navigate the new calendar interface while enjoying the familiarity and efficiency of their established processes. Our support team is here to create a calendaring experience that speaks your team’s language and effortlessly adapts to your unique requirements.

How StackCommerce uses CalendarAnything for efficient collaboration

While the Salesforce native calendar serves as a foundation for managing schedules and events, its inherent limitations can hinder productivity and impede effective collaboration. This was the experience that Alex McGeeny, Senior Director of Account Management at StackCommerce, had prior to finding CalendarAnything. 

“It’s given us a lot of flexibility in terms of how we can customize the different fields we need. We have more than 200 different promotional calendars we’re using, and we can coordinate it all in one place,” said McGeeney. 

And StackCommerce doesn’t need a Salesforce developer to do it because it can do it all with CalendarAnything. 

“It’s something I can do. We don’t need a Salesforce expert to set up the calendars the way you want to use them. And I might use them differently than our production or merchandise team might,” said McGeeney. “It doesn’t have to be a one-size-fits-all solution for the whole company. We can make it whatever we want it to be and evolve it as we need to.” 

CalendarAnything empowers StackCommerce to help its publishers tell their stories with a 360-degree view of their entire operations. “My team uses it on a daily basis. We live in CalendarAnything. We’re really happy with it.” Read more on how StackCommerce uses CalendarAnything.

The Salesforce calendar app that does it all

By embracing CalendarAnything, businesses can make decisions quickly, collaborate seamlessly, and eliminate manual updates while keeping all the data in Salesforce. With its extensive customization options, flexible event management, enhanced collaboration features, comprehensive views, and filtering, CalendarAnything empowers organizations to optimize their Salesforce calendaring experience.

Discover the true potential of Salesforce with CalendarAnything – the ultimate solution for overcoming the limitations of the native Salesforce calendar. Reach out to our team to learn more at [email protected] or visit us at

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