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CalendarAnything Unveils Availability Scheduling Functionality at Dreamforce 2023

By 09.11.23
Reading time: 2 minutes

CalendarAnything, the leading Salesforce visualization solution from Silverline, is proud to announce the release of its most requested functionality: Availability Scheduling. The latest release of CalendarAnything will redefine how organizations manage appointments, resources, assets, and more within the Salesforce ecosystem.

Availability Scheduling empowers organizations to effortlessly set the availability of any object within Salesforce, be it time slots for resources or assets awaiting assignment. With a focus on efficiency, CalendarAnything’s Availability Scheduling streamlines the appointment process, offering an intuitive and automated solution for scheduling while seamlessly capturing essential lead data.

Key features:

  • Self-scheduling: Availability Scheduling enables users to bypass the endless back and forth of traditional appointment booking. Clients, customers, or partners can now self-schedule time slots that work best for them, eliminating the hassle of coordination over phone or email.
  • Automated lead process: Once a time slot is booked, Availability Scheduling collects all relevant information and seamlessly integrates it into Salesforce. This streamlined process enhances lead management, ensuring that essential data is captured for future follow-up and marketing initiatives.
  • Visualization capabilities: Building on the foundation of CalendarAnything’s popular visualization features, Availability Scheduling takes the process one step further. Users can not only self-schedule appointments, but also visualize their scheduled data within a user-friendly and color-coded Calendar UI directly in Salesforce.

Industry success:

Already making waves in the real estate industry, CalendarAnything’s Availability Scheduling empowers potential renters and buyers to self-schedule apartment and home showings. This functionality not only facilitates effortless scheduling but also captures vital lead data for personalized follow-up and targeted marketing strategies.

Clients asked, we answered:

User feedback played a pivotal role in shaping this groundbreaking functionality. The CalendarAnything team recognized that while clients loved the visualization aspect, they often resorted to external tools for self-scheduling. CalendarAnything now has a unified solution that saves time and resources.

CalendarAnything’s Availability Scheduling is set to improve the Salesforce experience by introducing a dynamic solution that simplifies appointment scheduling, enhances lead capture, and visualizes data — all within a single application. 

To learn more about Availability Scheduling functionality within CalendarAnything, visit or the AppExchange.

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