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19 Reasons Why Asset Managers will love Wave Analytics

By 02.23.16
Reading time: 2 minutes

If you have an Asset Management Salesforce solution, wouldn’t you love to be able to track financial adviser performance? Monitor and see trends in sales flows? Slice and dice your AUM? Have a better way to help identify and service intermediaries?

With Salesforce Wave Analytics, you can get all of that plus more. Here’s how:

Explore data by Offices (Accounts)


The above dashboard gives you real time insight into:

  1. How many offices do we work with?
  2. How much do those offices have in Current Assets?
  3. How many distribution channels make up all of our current assets?
  4. Breakdown of Current Assets by Distribution Channel to see how most of the current assets are composed
  5. Breakdown of Current Assets by Distribution Sub Channel to see where and how current assets are composed
  6. Top Offices/Accounts and their Current Assets.
    • Allows the asset manager to reward top performing offices
    • Allows the asset manager to focus on poor performing offices to make decisions such as investing time, people, terminating business at that office
  7. See which geographical State have the most accounts and which have the least
  8. See which geographical Sate generate the most assets and which have the least
  9. Selectors/Filters: Allow me to focus on one or more Offices, Distribution Channel methods, geographical States across any period of time.
  10. Raw Data Table at the bottom allows me to zero-in on the details of any office and view Current Assets, YTD Sales, Last Year Sales, YTD Redemptions and other details

Explore by Transactions – Transactions Performance Dashboard


A summary of the insights provided by this dashboard covers:

  1. Number of transactions including redemptions and sales across any period of time, focused on all office reps or a particular one.
  2. Total Net Amount of Transaction Gross Amounts including redemptions and sales across any period of time, focused on all office reps or a particular one.
  3. Total number of Funds that we currently have any portfolios and transactions against
  4. A/B trend comparison across time of Sum of Gross Amount of Sales and Redemptions
  5. I can see Top Performers of YTD Sales by Office Rep and City.
    • Allows the asset manager to identify well performing office reps and learn what they are doing correct
    • Allows the asset manager to reward certain well performing office reps
    • Allows the asset manager to focus on poor performing office reps and offer solutions to revive
    • Allows the asset manager to identify Cities and regions with YTD success
  6. I can see Transaction trends by Fund/Portfolio across time
  7. I can see what Days in a Month have had lots of Sale transactions and lots of Redemption transactions.
    • If there were marketing programs or volume initiatives, I can measure its success and establish a repeatable model
    • I can see how market events and world events occurring on particular dates affect a particular volume of Transactions
  8. Selectors/Filters: Allow me to focus on one or more Transaction Types, Funds, Office Reps across any period of time transactions are posted.
  9. I can see distribution of Transaction Gross Amounts by Fund

This is all powered by Salesforce, Wave Analytics and DST. Like what you see? Are you getting this type of insight from your data? Contact us to learn more.

This blog originally appeared on SF for You, a blog by Silverline Technical Architect Gean Martinez. 

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