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The Continuous Innovation Mindset of Agile M&A, Consulting

By 02.18.21
Reading time: 3 minutes

In December 2020, I had the pleasure of helping to host our first annual Silverline Capital Markets & Innovation Summit with industry thought leaders from Nasdaq, Refinitiv, Salesforce, Equilar, and more. The goal of the event was to host a dialogue about all that happened in 2020 and share our priorities and predictions for the year ahead. 

Through sessions with industry experts and seasoned practitioners, we explored what’s happening at firms with a focus on ESG, how capital markets companies can launch data-driven deal sourcing programs, how security and compliance teams protect and defend their infrastructure, and what practices are emerging to accelerate innovation. 

Each session has been edited down to video-on-demand content to watch and share with your colleagues. If you missed out on our line-up of speakers, I invite you to listen and learn from incredible expert practitioners and industry leaders. We will be sharing highlights and insights from each of the sessions, starting with today’s feature: our keynote!

Kison Patel and the State of Agile M&A Consulting

One of my personal highlights from the Innovation Summit was the opportunity to turn the tables on notable podcaster Kison Patel, who is the founder and CEO of DealRoom, a technology platform which helps to power complex financial transactions for corporate development teams, investment banks, private equity firms and more. Years ago when I first met Kison, I knew he was a brilliant thinker and an incredible community builder. We were lucky to establish a formal partnership in 2019, and have been sharing our experience and technology insights for the last several years. Personally, I’m thankful to Kison for his unending support and enthusiasm for even my geekiest interests — he’s always down to talk about my love for data.

In 2020 as the pandemic unfolded, I watched Kison take his M&A Science podcast and turn it into an incredibly connected global community which attracted top talent from Microsoft, KPMG, Oracle, and other firms to discuss the fast-evolving new reality of M&A. His natural skill at fostering relationships both on and offline led to the the M&A Science Virtual Summit, which was the first digital event I attended — and my top event of 2020. I felt so grateful to have a front-row seat to learn from experts, and to host a panel with executives from VMWare and Okta about the important role of technology in planning for M&A integration success. 

The Continuous Innovation Mindset of Agile M&A Consulting

Click here to see our chat in full.

What We Discussed

As I followed Kison’s body of work last year, I knew I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to ask him if he’d let me turn the tables and interview him. Watching him constantly evolve throughout 2020, I had a million questions:

  • What lessons could we apply from his book about Agile M&A to the present tense?
  • Will the due diligence process ever return to pre-pandemic times?
  • How should M&A firms be introspecting and harnessing the power of their data?
  • How do you create a culture of innovation?

For me, this keynote chat was such a fun way to kick off our 2020 Innovation Summit, and I continue to be inspired on the regular by all the insights Kison has gathered over the years from his community of experts. Also a protip: check out his book on Agile M&A to learn more.

For more information about Silverline’s Capital Markets Practice, go here.

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