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5 Key Factors for Improving the Patient Experience

By 07.18.18 A medical team gathers to discuss improving the patient experience.
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Delivering on a comprehensive patient experience requires the Healthcare industry to focus on future technology adoption.  The cost of deploying core, necessary technology (such as EMR or EHR) can take years for purposeful adoption and use. Institutions should look for a solution that can engage patients on an end-to-end health experience, provide intelligent care collaboration, and take patients on a journey to better health.

To start, institutions need to focus on several key factors when improving the patient experience:

1. Have a Point of View

Know where to add value initially – It’s important to know where you want to go and have a roadmap to getting there.  Knowing how to approach this in manageable projects is critical to success.

2. Select a technology that can grow with your strategy

There are many point solutions in the industry which provide immediate value and solve niche issues, but often lead to a further disjointed experience in the future due to their inability to expand; find a solution that allows you to solve past, current, and future needs of an evolving industry

3. Take an iterative approach

In many cases, when deploying legacy applications, users don’t see the end “solution” until months later; instead, it’s important to prioritize based on value, factor in the user experience, and gather user feedback to iterate quickly on the build. You may identify new value in the process.

4. Look for accelerators to drive time to value

One area that has plagued solution deployment over the years is the inability of vendors to maximize previous experiences and bring those learnings to the marketplace to future clients.  There is much insight to be harvested from the past.

5. Don’t forget that People drive change

Include the team doing the work in decisions and the necessary change that needs to happen from a workflow standpoint.  The best ideas have failed because the folks closest to the work have not been involved in the future environment strategy.

Improving the Patient Experience

When it comes to improving the patient experience, not every organization will have the same starting point. Some can jump right to establishing a framework for collaborating with patients and providing an enhanced experience, but more often than not, a more strategic, phased approach is needed.

Silverline has a strong industry focus combined with deep Salesforce experiences, a clear point of the view in the market, and best practice accelerators to drive your organization forward. Want to apply our expertise to your Org? Reach out and let’s chat.

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