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Creating a Donation Management Platform for Project Sunshine

By 07.10.19
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When a young family member or friend is undergoing medical treatment, there is uncertainty, fear, and a great deal of the unknown. Although true relief doesn’t come until young patients are home with a clean bill of health, small doses of comfort can sometimes be found along the way.

Enter Project Sunshine: supporting children facing medical challenges

Project Sunshine is a nonprofit organization that works with an international network of hospitals and volunteers. Their goal? To help bring pediatric patients and their families a sense of joy and normalcy during hospital stays or extended waits. Project Sunshine delivers packages of happiness — in the form of craft projects, journals, coloring materials, and other hands-on experiences — to the youngest of patients.

Silverline has worked with Project Sunshine for the last year on giving back to pediatric patients across the country. We’ve conducted team building initiatives at our different locations — including our NYC headquarters, Atlanta, Omaha, and beyond — that directly support Project Sunshine’s mission. We even incorporated a Project Sunshine activity into our most recent new hire orientation by assembling and packaging a craft project for kids awaiting medical care. 

Creating a Donation Management Platform for Project Sunshine 6

Managing multiple needs with Salesforce

Recently, we helped Project Sunshine make their internal dreams a reality. Before Silverline, Project Sunshine was using an NPSP Enterprise edition of Salesforce Sales and Service Clouds to track volunteer information and program activities. They were also interested in using Salesforce to manage donations, donor information, and grants.

To address all of Project Sunshine’s needs, Silverline created a Donation Management Application on Lightning, installed Classy for online donation tracking, and developed assets to help NPSP users easily discover trends, whitespace, and deep fundraising event analytics. In addition, Silverline personalized pages for donors and volunteers, which featured key insights into their relationships as well as recorded historical activities. Finally, Silverline imported historical donor data — spanning a 5-year period — from existing spreadsheets, which enabled Project Sunshine to run real-time analytics on donor data, households, and corporate donations programs/matching.  

One database to streamline all donor activity

Once Salesforce became the database of record for all donor, volunteer, event, and in-kind inventory tracking, the Project Sunshine marketing team used marketing automation to create targeted and personalized donor campaigns based on giving levels and prior donation history.

“Working with Silverline has been a dream from start to finish,” says Katy Kienitz, Director of Corporate Partnerships at Project Sunshine. “Not only did they help us customize Salesforce to match our fundraising and communications needs, but the staff has been such a pleasure to work with. It is clear Silverline takes great care in hiring the most knowledgeable and professional team who also care about doing good in the world. After our pro-bono work with their teams, we have been excited to engage Silverline employees in an ongoing volunteer program where individual team members can give back to the patients and families we serve at Project Sunshine.”

No matter where you are in your Salesforce journey, Silverline can help you get started on the path to a better digital experience.

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