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Leveraging CRM for Improved Patient Engagement and Population Health Management

By 11.30.17
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Earlier this week, I was a panelist on a webinar for Healthsystem CIO, along with Doug Ditri, Chief Access Officer, Henry Ford Health System, to discuss the topic of CRM in Healthcare. You can view the whole recording here:

As we are deep in the transition to Value-Based and Consumer Driven Healthcare, Healthcare organizations must take a more focused, refined, and multi-channel approach to ensuring consumer engagement. In order to do so, CRM platforms like Salesforce play a key role in establishing a framework for capturing information about consumers from multiple, and potentially disparate, clinical and non-clinical applications to establish a 360-degree view of a patient/consumer. From there, organizations are better prepared to drive communications, interactions, and activities across multiple channels (phone, email, text, web chat, video) before, during, and after clinical episodes. Think about the “customer” in CRM to be replaced by “consumer” and you have a direct alignment to the current transformation occurring within Healthcare.

During the webinar, we did some live polling and came across some very compelling data points. One of the first questions we asked was “Please describe your current utilization of CRM.

What we found is that 43% of respondents were evaluating CRM options, 21% were using one and looking to expand, and another 21% were using one. That makes 85% of respondents, namely CIOs, indicating that CRM is currently or will be a piece of their technology infrastructure – this is a tremendous statistic.

Another question that I felt was compelling inquired, Do you have a defined business imperative/goal/objective focused on innovation, consumer engagement, and/or digital transformation for FY2018?” The results were just as telling, albeit not that surprising. Over 50% of the respondents have indicated they did which further validates how CRM is becoming a high priority effort within most healthcare organizations.

Whether you are an organization evaluating, implementing, or looking to expand utilization of a CRM, one of the biggest challenges is the planning – how do you develop a roadmap or vision for the application to ensure you meet that outlined strategic objective. I raised this multiple times during the discussion as we have found organizations that spend the time to truly understood how the application will be used in short and long-term ultimately find higher ROI and engagement.

Understanding this is a difficult task, Silverline wanted to provide some support and guidance in this area. As such, we recently released our Provider Roadmap for Success on CRM eBook. Our goal was to help organizations that are evaluating or using a CRM rationalize the manner in which to roll it out.

Take a look at our ebook and reach out if you want to further discuss regardless of where you are in your lifecycle.

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