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Care Management on Health Cloud: Nurse Triage

By 08.30.18
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Healthcare organizations have been performing telephonic nurse triage for decades. Traditionally, it has been a loss leader for a healthcare organization designed to raise awareness within the community and provide a service to consumers that, hopefully, raises awareness about the healthcare organization.

However, as the healthcare reimbursement model has transitioned from fee for service to fee for value, organizations are realizing the value of engaging at-risk patients, prior to an urgent care or emergency department visit, to determine the most appropriate, lowest cost place of care such as a PCP visit or a home care visit. This service replaces the traditional after-hours answering service for provider offices and provides appropriate direction for patients calling provider practices during the day.

Additionally, telephonic nurse triage is utilized on a post-acute care follow-up model to ensure the patient is recovering well to avoid readmissions. It is also integrated into complex care management models and specialty care models such as oncology navigation, bariatric surgery, and joint replacement surgery. This results in reduced penalties and increased shared savings for at-risk patients while driving downstream revenue by attracting new patients.

In years past, healthcare organizations outsourced this service to large contact centers. However, there is an emerging industry trend to bring these contact centers, and therefore, telephonic nurse triage in-house to improve patient experience and increase patient loyalty.

Care Management on Health Cloud: Nurse Triage 1

Nurse Triage Accelerator

Silverline’s Nurse Triage Accelerator allows nurses to navigate consumers and patients to the most appropriate level of care and place of care based in a healthcare organization. It utilizes the gold standard for nurse triage: Schmitt-Thompson Clinical Content. It also seamlessly integrates into Salesforce Service Cloud or Health Cloud cases and can track referrals to practices and facilities within the healthcare organization.

For call center nurses, it provides the tools and information they need in an easy-to-read format so they can access symptom-based protocols and determine the most appropriate disposition and care advice to callers. This includes seeing historic triage cases and previous dispositions, as well as, a 360-degree view of the patient’s interactions and relationships within the healthcare system.

It allows healthcare organizations to centralize and standardize nurse triage services on one platform so that they can make protocol-driven decisions to provide best-in-class service to their patients. This includes instant access to Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) like nurse productivity, patient demographics, referral destinations, and more.

For patients and their family members, the nurse triage accelerator provides a personalized and streamlined patient support experience so they can speak with a nurse and determine the next steps for themselves or their loved ones.

Care Management on Health Cloud: Nurse TriageChoosing the right software application for nurse triage is essential to the success of any ambulatory care program. Silverline partnered with the leading nurse triage application, MyTriageChecklist, by Triage Logic, to provide healthcare organizations with a state of the art nurse triage solution integrated into the Salesforce Health Cloud platform. It also includes assessments, services, knowledge articles, provider search, and appointment scheduling. These components provide the framework for navigating patients on a journey from suspected cancer to recovery/remission or hospice.

Silverline can help organizations build the tools to provide nurse triage services for patients, as well as, manage referrals, perform nurse triage, manage a provider network, manage a risk-based population, and much more. Wherever you start, Silverline has the tools and the experience to help you be successful. 

To learn more about Silverline’s Healthcare Expertisecontact us today.

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