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Using Salesforce to Energize and Connect Remote Employees

By 07.09.21
Reading time: 3 minutes

It was March 2021, pandemic restrictions were lifting, and everyone at Silverline was feeling lockdown fatigue. We needed to get out of our chairs, away from Zoom, and back out into the world. When our People team reached out for ideas, the entire organization came together to create a fun and exciting wellness challenge, using simple Salesforce functionality to connect Silverliners around the globe.  

Two of our core values at Silverline are “Try to Have Fun” and “Better Together,” and the Fresh Air and Self Care challenge demonstrated those values through and through. From a cross-functional group of Silverliners brainstorming and designing the challenge to executive-led challenge teams—curated with geographic and role diversity at the forefront—Fresh Air and Self Care took on a beautiful life of its own.

What started out as a four-week wellness challenge ended up being a daily ritual for many challenge participants, giving them the opportunity to connect with each other by sharing photos and videos of local scenery and outdoor activities with friends and family. Friendly competition developed between the challenge teams, and we ultimately all worked together to achieve a common goal: If all the teams averaged over an hour a day outside, one of our executives, Kai Hsiung, would get a wolf tattoo in honor of his challenge team, the Gray Wolves.

Most importantly, the challenge brought our Silverline India and US Silverliners together during a very challenging time, supporting one another while still physically apart. The “walkie talkie” conversations and connections made through our weekly group yoga session and daily photo sharing was beyond what we could’ve ever imagined.

We designed our challenge around two resources that were readily available: physical movement and the great outdoors. To ensure a fun and connected experience for Silverliners, we included the following requirements in our design:

  • Rules: Participants tracked time spent outside, doing any activity of their choosing
  • Teams: Executives stepped up to lead teams curated with a roster of Silverliner’s with diverse roles and geographies
  • Communications: The challenge team planned, created, and distributed necessary communications to drive awareness and understanding before, during, and after the challenge 
  • Tracking: A simple challenge time-log object was set up in Salesforce to allow participants to quickly and easily log time from mobile/desktop in seconds
  • Competition: A Salesforce dashboard was created to help participants and teams see where they stand, encourage them to keep their time logged, and drive a little friendly competition
  • Training: Participants were provided with a one-minute training video demoing how to use the Salesforce time tracker, both on desktop and mobile

As the challenge got started, participants became very engaged and took ownership through:

  • Enhancements: requesting enhancements to the Salesforce object and dashboards
  • Peer to Peer Connection: Sharing their perspective and experience through posting photos of their views and activities on the challenge slack channel, leading virtual yoga sessions, and scheduling “Walkie Talkie” conversations with their teammates
  • Celebration: The Change Management team at Silverline collected the photos, videos, and comments shared throughout the 4 week challenge and created a video that was shared at the close of the challenge to celebrate the commitment and engagement of every participant

We asked participants to share what it meant to them, and the responses blew us away…

“I’m more accountable for consistently getting outside and staying active. It also improved my work-life balance, as I’ve been more inclined to take a quick break during the day to get some fresh air and clear my mind.”

“I spend time moving outdoors regardless as I have kids and dogs, but it made me mindful of time spent outdoors each day. Also it reminded me of the benefit of getting out during the day! Walk and talks are the best invention of 2021!”

Writing down my rec time has shown me how little I actually have. I’ll be taking PTO and opportunities to unwind in the future, a direct result from this exercise. This was very appreciated.”

We couldn’t have predicted how a simple call from the People team to come together and fight fatigue would result in such a fun-filled four-week challenge. By sharing our experience, we hope this will encourage other organizations to consider leveraging Salesforce to engage their employees and culture in new ways!

Need help to design an engaging challenge to reinvigorate your employees and culture? Our skilled team of Salesforce experts and experienced Change Management consultants at Silverline can help!

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