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How Silverline Transformed Samba TV’s Sales Platform for Stronger Alignment

By 03.15.22
Reading time: 3 minutes

Founded in 2008, Samba TV is the global leader in first-party data for Connected TV (CTV) and omniscreen advertising and analytics. Samba TV’s software is integrated at the chipset level into 24 of the leading, global CTV brands, providing first-party insight into viewership data across broadcast, cable, over-the-top, and digital media from millions of devices across the globe. 

The company’s AI-driven tech stack and comprehensive, highly accurate first-party data drives connectivity and discovery across viewers, brands, programmers, and platforms. The world’s leading brands and agencies leverage Samba TV to quantify and amplify media investments across Connected TVs and all of the screens consumers use to watch video. 

The challenge: Outgrowing a clunky legacy system

Samba TV had big growth goals going into 2021. The company had a collective understanding that it needed to shore up its systems and tools to take them to the next level of its evolution.

For its CRM and billing, Samba TV’s sales and support teams had been using a niche platform that was relatively unknown in the industry. It was fairly clunky to use and did not provide timely visibility into revenue planning, forecasting, and predictability. 

The outdated platform had a largely manual process, with long wait times to export data and the necessity to piecemeal other tools to visualize the data. In addition, the tool was difficult for the sales team to onboard onto, and required extra oversight to view the necessary metric reporting at all levels of the organization.

For Samba TV’s sellers, crafting inputs and pulling data was challenging. It took tons of time to download large Excel files and then use the files to build custom visualizations in tools like Google Sheets or Google Data Studios. The cumbersome process meant a lack of timely insights necessary for quick decision-making.

The solution: Implementing a seamless platform with better visibility

Samba TV worked with a consulting firm that assessed their business, and the firm suggested moving from the old platform to Salesforce. Silverline was recommended for implementation to Samba TV’s executive team. The Silverline team quickly got to work, with a compressed timeline of about two-and-a-half months before the deprecation date of the system Samba TV was moving away from. 

“It was clear that there were big expectations around our Salesforce implementation and the insights we would be able to draw,” said Kenna Ranson, Vice President of Sales Operations, Samba TV. “Most expectations have been met at this point in our journey, which we are excited about!” 

Because Salesforce is much more straightforward to use, the Samba TV team can input opportunities early and move them through the appropriate sales stages, leading to much better pipeline visibility. This transformation has resulted in:

  • Rapid visibility into revenue, activity, and metrics
  • Seamless pulling of reporting with dozens of dashboards built out that auto-update
  • Ability to create custom dashboards that meet the needs of stakeholders across the organization

“Implementing Salesforce has given us the ability to input the metrics we need, to easily and seamlessly extract the information we need, and to explore new metrics,” said Ranson. “We wouldn’t be able to execute as rapidly and seamlessly as we are today without it.” 

The result: A foundation for continued success

Samba TV is on a crawl/walk/run Salesforce journey and is looking to continue to perfect its Salesforce instance. The company is working with Silverline on building its next set of features that will continue to take them through the walk and run phases of their journey. 

Samba TV has many big plans and is excited to keep developing features and processes that will continue to drive massive changes for the business.

“Silverline is wonderful to work with, and we would not be where we are today without their expertise,” Ranson said.

Find out how Silverline can help your organization grow with Salesforce.

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