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How CalendarAnything Optimizes Time Management in Travel and Hospitality

By 05.02.24
Reading time: 3 minutes

In the fast-paced environment of travel and hospitality, having a robust scheduling and calendaring system in Salesforce can make all the difference. Whether you’re managing hotel bookings, coordinating client vacations, or wish to have your audience self-schedule, a streamlined calendaring and scheduling tool like CalendarAnything can improve processes, overall productivity, and Salesforce user adoption. Everyone understands a calendar! 

Efficient resource allocation

One of the key challenges in the travel and hospitality industry is efficiently managing resources such as staff, venues, and equipment. Leveraging your existing Salesforce data model, CalendarAnything allows businesses to  create and share dynamic calendars that provide real-time visibility into resource availability. This enables managers to optimize resource allocation, ensuring that staff are deployed effectively and venues remain fully booked. 

Streamlined booking management

Managing bookings is a complex task that requires meticulous organization and coordination. CalendarAnything simplifies this process by leveraging existing Salesforce data to provide a platform where bookings can be easily scheduled, tracked, and managed. CalendarAnything allows customizable booking forms where businesses can streamline their booking management processes while keeping branding in mind. 

Enhanced collaboration

Collaboration is key in the travel and hospitality industry, where teams often need to work together across departments and locations. CalendarAnything facilitates collaboration within Salesforce or a Digital Experience by allowing teams to share calendars and collaborate in real time to coordinating event logistics and scheduling client meetings. Integrations with Google and Outlook Calendars allow for a true holistic view of events. 

Improved client experience

In the highly competitive travel and hospitality industry, providing exceptional customer service is essential for success. CalendarAnything leverages Salesforce to assist businesses in delivering a superior client experience by providing customized and timely service while enabling seamless communication and coordination with clients. From scheduling appointments and sharing event details to sending virtual meeting links with Zoom or MS Teams, CalendarAnything can keep clients informed and engaged, enhancing their overall client experience.

How CalendarAnything transformed Jacaruso Enterprises’ efficiency 

CalendarAnything is leveraged by a remote hotel sales service and training organization, Jacaruso Enterprises. They have a highly customized Salesforce platform for their customers and their customers’ customers with close to a million contacts. Jacaruso tried a few calendar apps which did not work for their environment, but CalendarAnything exceeded their expectations.

“CalendarAnything worked perfectly for what we were looking for. There wasn’t a lot of customization that we needed. It was plug and play, which very rarely happens for us.” said Jason Webb, Vice President of Digital Operations at Jacaruso. “There are many more things that we could use CalendarAnything for in Salesforce. I think we’ve only scratched the surface of the potential uses for us.” Read the full story here.

CalendarAnything is a gamechanger for the travel and hospitality industry, leveraging Salesforce to offer a powerful solution for streamlining processes, enhancing collaboration, and maximizing ROI. Whether you’re a hotel, airline, travel agency, or any other business in the industry, CalendarAnything can help you unlock effortless efficiency and take your customer satisfaction to the next level. So why wait? Take CalendarAnything for a test drive today!

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