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nCino Deposit Account Opening

Silverline helps you leverage nCino to create a great account opening experience for customers.

Banking customers are going digital: more than three-quarters (78%) of Americans prefer to bank digitally, either via a mobile app (41%) or their bank’s website (37%). But whether or not a customer comes in digitally or physically to a branch (or transitions from one to another), it’s more important than ever for your banking institution to provide a quick and convenient experience for your customers. nCino’s Deposit Account Opening can help you do this.

Benefits of nCino Deposit Account Opening

Leverage nCino features for account opening to improve the client experience and increase deposit growth.

Identity Decisioning and Funding with Plaid and Alloy

nCino and Silverline are partnered with organizations like Plaid and Alloy to help you accelerate the account opening process and reduce abandoned applications.

Plaid is a technology layer that helps financial organizations authenticate customers’ account information, creating streamlined digital banking experiences. With Plaid, banking customers can authenticate and connect their accounts at other institutions to fund new deposit accounts — quickly and securely.

Alloy is an end-to-end identity management and decisioning solution to power instant decisions for KYC, AML, and fraud checks. With Alloy, you can automate identity verification, preventing fraud while reducing manual verifications and accelerating decisioning.

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Accelerate your account opening process with Silverline

Silverline is a top Salesforce and nCino partner with over a decade of experience serving banks, credit unions, and other lending institutions. Our consultants specialize in these verticals, and often have first-hand experience working at banks in the past.

In addition to our industry expertise, we also bring our technological expertise from more than 50 projects on the nCino platform. Wherever you are in your nCino journey, we can help — whether you’re looking to implement nCino, set up new features, or maintain your existing org. We’ll help you leverage nCino deposit account opening to build a modern customer experience and grow deposits.

A Guide to nCino and Financial Services Cloud Implementations

A digital origination solution from nCino and Salesforce Financial Services Cloud provides an ideal foundation for any financial institution to modernize and optimize the customer lifecycle from end to end — from sales prospecting all the way through account opening and servicing. Download our whitepaper to learn how you can deliver a seamless client experience by harnessing the combined power of nCino and FSC.

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