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Salesforce for Lending

Build trust and maintain transparency with Salesforce lending solutions

When it comes to lending, things are moving faster than ever before. Make sure your firm can keep up. Why Salesforce for lending

Disparate systems and manual processes are no longer sustainable, and oftentimes can lead to lost opportunities or closed accounts. By leveraging the power of Salesforce for lending as a single platform of truth, your financial institution can meet and exceed the needs of your customers.


Iron out your mortgage and consumer lending processes to ensure your customer’s journey goes as planned.

Salesforce can help you capture and visualize up-to-the-moment account information and provide access to essential client data or partner solutions for advisors — all in one place.

Enable proper account nurture with Einstein Analytics that provide cues for next steps based on collected information and common use cases.

Automated journeys can also enhance the borrower’s experience by helping them through the often daunting process of purchasing a home. Effectively integrating marketing automation into the loan process can help create more happy homeowners and successful loan officers.

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Small Business Loans

Adapting to regulatory changes can be hard, and your customers look to you to make the process simple.

Financial institutions need a reliable channel to support online applications for new products and hardship requests that can securely capture the necessary data points, collect required documentation, and generate documents with e-signature capabilities.

Silverline has developed a streamlined approach to launch a Salesforce Community or Lightning External Application to collect information and process workflows within Salesforce to support high volumes of applications. This solution is architected for quick deployment and rapid enhancements based on the changing requirements and legislation guidelines. It is compatible with your current org and can work with existing nCino features.

Managing Forbearance

Address borrower concerns in times of need without overloading call centers.

In times of crisis, you want your customers focusing on what matters most, not worrying about foreclosure. Silverline can help customize Salesforce lending  solutions to:

  • Automate loan forbearance requests to offload call center volume
  • Direct borrowers to client-facing FAQ and help portals to provide easy access to common questions and guidance via Salesforce Community Cloud
  • Deploy simple chatbots and live chat features to deliver a personalized borrower experience by connecting Service Cloud and Marketing Cloud to manage the loan servicing experience

Leverage the power of Einstein Analytics to make sure the correct, next best action is taken to help borrowers dealing with financial hardships.

Commercial Lending

Track and automate your commercial team’s progress as you eliminate manual processes and effectively tackle the competitive landscape.

At their core, commercial lenders are relationship managers. Salesforce enables lenders to focus on people, and use technology to attract and acquire qualified customers, create transparency with new and existing customers, and manage their organization’s credit exposure while reducing the decision-making time on commercial loans.

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