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Workers' Compensation Insurance Solutions

Transforming the workers' compensation experience with Salesforce technology

In order to move successfully through the workers’ compensation space, organizations have to automate processes and better manage their data

Carriers no longer have the luxury to stand pat on outdated processes and systems. Brokers will do business with the carriers that move to more transparent, easier to use systems and give them a more frictionless way to transact their business. Brokers and insurance agencies can accelerate their increased profits by streamlining their processes with digital transformation.

Our workers’ compensation solutions on the Salesforce platform transform how insurance organizations handle claims management, quoting, underwriting, and more. The resources below highlight how Salesforce technology drives growth by enhancing operational efficiency.

Rebuilding SIF’s Quoting Process for Efficiency and Visibility

SIF, Idaho Workers’ Compensation has been the reliable and stable source of workers’ compensation for Idaho since 1917. But processes hadn’t changed to keep up with the transforming marketplace. Requesting a quote was initiated with a form, an option that was very time-consuming and offered agency staff no visibility into where applications were in the process. They turned to Silverline to implement a solution that was new within the Salesforce Industries ecosystem: a broker-facing portal with automated quoting and underwriting for workers’ compensation insurance. The average quoting duration has gone from six days to under an hour, often providing a quote in minutes.

Read the Success Story.

eBook: Understanding and Improving Workers' Compensation Insurance Solutions

With organizations managing remote, in-person, and hybrid workforces post-pandemic, they are facing a whole new set of workers’ compensation challenges. Download our eBook to learn how to:

  • Build a strong carrier-broker relationship
  • Unpack the complexity of sales and distribution
  • Understand underwriting in the digital era
  • Provide exceptional service
  • Enable workplace safety visits and training
Download the eBook.

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