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New Relic Salesforce Monitoring

Centralize observability and performance.

New Relic helps organizations instrument, analyze, and troubleshoot their software development process and better understand and inform their customer and user experiences. Capturing operational data such as Metrics, Events, Logs, and Traces, New Relic better measures your performance.

With a New Relic Salesforce integration, you can bring your Salesforce application performance and usage data into New Relic’s toolsets to help centralize observability and performance.

Benefits of New Relic and Salesforce Event Monitoring

Sales Security Services

As organizations put more sensitive data into the cloud, security and compliance becomes more important than ever. Silverline can help guide your security policies with industry-tested best practices to monitor suspicious activity and keep your data safe.

In addition to integrating New Relic and other event monitoring technologies, we also offer security workshops and help organizations implement Salesforce Shield.

Learn more about our security services.
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Why choose Silverline?

Silverline is a Salesforce consulting partner with over a decade of experience helping organizations digitally transform, especially in the healthcare and financial services industries. Security is a key part of many of our engagements, and we’ve helped organizations integrate their Salesforce orgs with existing enterprise logging systems such as Splunk and New Relic.

As a Salesforce partner with New Relic integration expertise, Silverline can help you monitor your Salesforce data on the platform, allowing you to keep your org in check, gain insights, and improve performance.

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