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Vlocity Insurance Solutions

How leading insurers create digital experiences built entirely on the Salesforce platform.

Transform your business

The insurance industry is in a state of major transformation, as long-term consumer and business trends have converged. Because of this transformation, and resulting shifts in customer expectations, there is an unprecedented opportunity for insurance carriers and MGAs alike to capitalize on growth opportunities through increased pricing flexibility, greater speed to market, and more responsive policyholder service.

As a top Salesforce partner with 10+ years of experience serving insurers and payers in financial services and healthcare, we can help enable your transformation by leveraging industry-leading Vlocity solutions on the Salesforce platform.


Why Vlocity? Helping insurers meet consumer expectations

Customer needs and expectations are shifting across both the consumer and business markets, having been influenced by digital-first firms such as Amazon and Google. But because of dependencies on existing legacy systems, many insurers are struggling to deliver even basic digital experiences to their customers. As a leading provider of industry-specific cloud and mobile software, this is where Vlocity insurance solutions can make a difference.

In contrast to many legacy insurance platforms, Vlocity was built natively on Salesforce and is designed to deliver digital, customer-centric experiences. It enables seamless integration with market-leading CRM platforms, marketing automation solutions, and customer engagement capabilities.

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Vlocity for financial services

Vlocity insurance solutions for financial services companies help you increase productivity, manage pipelines, drive renewals, target cross-sell opportunities, and ultimately close more business. At Silverline, our consultants have extensive experience working in Property & Casualty and Life & Annuity for both personal and commercial lines, with a focus on:

  • Qualifying prospects and increasing business by enabling producers with the right tools at the right time
  • Automating renewals so you never miss an opportunity
  • Improving the customer, agent, and broker experience through integrations with agency management systems, claims management tools, and more

In addition to our deep knowledge of Vlocity insurance solutions, learn how else we support insurance carriers.

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Vlocity for health insurance

Members today expect a more connected, personalized experience. For payers, Vlocity delivers industry-specific cloud and mobile software that embed digital, omnichannel processes — enabling experiences that better serve members and member relations team members.

A more intuitive member experience requires a consolidation of the information needed to best serve them in an easy-to-use presentation. Vlocity health insurance solutions can help payers create more efficient engagement processes and connect key member touchpoints.

Learn how we support health insurers with Vlocity and related technologies.

Vlocity Health Insurance Solutions
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Vlocity Insurance Solutions

Increase efficiency, transparency, and engagement across insurers, member teams, and policyholders.

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There are several pressing industry trends to consider today: 

  • An increase in direct-to-consumer distribution 
  • The use of AI and automation in insurance operations
  • Leveraging data and connected devices to reduce claims risk
  • Shifts in customer expectations at all points in policy lifecycle

While the industry continues to experiment with responses to these trends, there are enough successes to suggest several areas of exploration for your firm. Find out how to take advantage of technology, such as Vlocity, to maximize your ROI and improve your Salesforce org.

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