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How Silverline Celebrated Take Your Kids to Work Day 2019

By 04.30.19
Reading time: 3 minutes

Silverline has a long-standing tradition of empowering and educating curious young minds through our work with our Silverline Cares initiatives, internships, and learning and development programs. On April 25th, the company once again participated in Take Your Kids to Work Day with participants ranging in age from 4-15.

Silverline’s Kevin Hoxie created an action-packed agenda and started the day off strong with a healthy breakfast and meet and greet with both parents and children. The official agenda kicked off with a focus on giving back to the community by decorating travel bags for kids in foster care. These bags contain comfort items including: coloring books and crayons, a teddy bear, blanket, and hygiene kit. Each child decorated a panel insert and included a handwritten tag.

How Silverline Celebrated Take Your Kids to Work Day 2019

The participants show off their decorative panels

Next up Kevin explained to the group how much Silverline values our employees’ wellness. We host daily meditation sessions and bi-weekly in-office yoga classes that our remote employees can also participate in. For this lively group however, Kevin had a special treat. One of the dance instructors from our wellness partner
Exubrancy led a Beyonce-themed dance class for the children to burn off some energy.

How Silverline Celebrated Take Your Kids to Work Day 2019 1

Action Shot!

The final activity of the day involved a mock episode of
Shark Tank. I was lucky to serve as a Shark on the judging panel. The children had the option of participating in a group or as an individual. Each pitch included a product that solved a problem, had a target customer, and presented a business case. It was great to see the group’s creativity; older children helped the younger children participate, and overall there were really strong pitches! Each landed a deal with the Sharks. The products included a 3D clothing printer, auto-cutting scissors, a booster seat that turned into a car, and a pet unicorn.  

How Silverline Celebrated Take Your Kids to Work Day 2019 3

A team pitching their auto-cutting scissors


How Silverline Celebrated Take Your Kids to Work Day 2019 2

The “entrepreneurs” with their worksheets and prototypes

It’s not easy to plan a day that will encourage participation across such a wide range of ages, but this agenda had the children involved from start to finish. I asked a few children what they thought at the end of the day. Here is what they said:


“I can see why my mom loves working at Silverline. I met so many amazing people today!”
– Vivian, Age 7

“I liked working with a team for Shark Tank, it was fun to come up with a cool idea!”
– Summer, Age 6

“I loved SHARK TANK!! Our idea was good I think!”
– Aidan, Age 10

“I like the food and the drink selection at the office, and I like that I was able to help some kids without homes.”
– Georgia, Age 14


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