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CalendarAnything Implementation: Camping World

By 03.19.19
Reading time: 2 minutes

Camping World focuses on those interested in the outdoor lifestyle and the open road. From RV parts and accessories to service centers, emergency road assistance, and specialized RV insurance — they’re the premier one-stop shop for everything RV. What started as a single store in Bowling Green, Kentucky in 1966, has grown to become the nation’s largest retailer of RVs, RV accessories and RV-related service.

“The Silverline CalendarAnything team has been extremely helpful and great to work with. They have not only helped us get CalendarAnything functional in our org, but they have also listened to our suggestions and made recommendations and improvements based on our feedback.”

The Challenge

With over 200 locations, 7,000 of Camping World’s 20,000 employees use Salesforce in their RV Sales organization — from lead to delivery to post-sale support. “We have several points in this process where we have the requirement to schedule and track activities and events. When we started with Salesforce, we built our processes around Public Calendars shared between staff in each of our locations,” said John Lay, VP of Information Technology, Applications. “But when we first upgraded to Lightning, the sharing features weren’t quite where we needed them to be.” With a need for scheduling transparency across locations and business units, Camping World reached out to SIlverline for a custom CalendarAnything solution.

The Approach

Silverline went to work, mapping out a tailored CalendarAnything solution to meet Camping World’s unique needs. “Within a month of choosing Silverline, we had a working
prototype. The initial design and rollout was simple and quick. We have gone back a few times and made some adjustments and customizations, but working with Silverline and CalendarAnything has been quick and easy. CalendarAnything has proven very flexible, and a tool our sales staff enjoy working with,” said Lay.

Planning for Change

CalendarAnything helped get Camping World’s scheduling functionality back to where they were before they upgraded to Lightning.
The new functionality also brought needed print formatting and printing functionality to their team. Now Camping World dealerships are equipped with the tools necessary to share appointments and details out to all staff members in order to make an enjoyable RV buying experience. “With proper information sharing in place, Camping World teams can ensure their sales and delivery processes are as smooth and frictionless as possible, which allows us to get our customers quickly on the road and enjoying their new RV,” said Lay. “Even now with a Lightning version of Shared Public Calendars, we stay with CalendarAnything due to its enhanced functionality, such as printing and various layout options.”


Interested in what Calendar Anything can do for you? Find out more on AppExchange. Or, if you’re looking for a little more support, Silverline offers deep Salesforce expertise, no matter where you are on your Salesforce journey.

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