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The Greater Significance of Dreamforce Global Gathering 2018

By 10.30.18
Reading time: 2 minutes

Dreamforce Global Gathering 2018 hosted by Silverline


Recently, Silverline’s New York City office was host to the 2018 Dreamforce Global Gathering, an annual post-Dreamforce collaboration between the Admin, Developer, and Women in Tech User Groups in NY. “This gathering is essentially a get together to present the highlights that occurred at Dreamforce,” said Shawn Padua, a Salesforce Certified Admin at ConnectOne Bank and PepUp Tech alumni.

The Silverline team and NYC User Groups worked with Shawn to put together the event with some special additions to the presenter’s lineup – PepUp Tech students. “At this year’s Dreamforce, PepUp Tech and Salesforce worked together to bring over 70 students to the conference,” said Shawn. This is an impressive number and great representation of PepUp Tech’s dedication to bringing technology opportunities to underserved communities. “When Umair and Sandi pitched that they would like for students to present the Dreamforce highlights for the Global Gathering I thought it was a wonderful idea. Shortly after they mentioned it, I sent an email to students located within the tri-state area with the details. Within two hours, all the volunteer slots were filled.”

Creating this presentation took some coordination and effort, but it was a fantastic showcase of the students’ and volunteers’ support for one another.

The turnout on the night of the event was greater than expected. Over one hundred people filled Silverline’s office, eager to hear from the presenters about their Dreamforce experiences. While Shawn had not presented to such a large group before, she took this as an opportunity to practice doing so.

The evening started with a simple question: Is this anybody’s first user group meeting? Almost half of the attendees rose their hands at this prompt. Shawn shared that this was one of her favorite moments from the evening.  “I thought it was absolutely incredible to see that many newcomers,” she said.

Presenting at the Dreamforce Global Gathering event was a good reminder to Shawn of the impact and value of Salesforce. “For someone who is interested in learning Salesforce, I say definitely do it. There are many different industries that are implementing/utilizing this platform. You can find a career path that’s for you.” Shawn continued, “You don’t need to be knowledgeable in tech to learn Salesforce. To start, all you need is the willingness to learn.”

The evening was a great success and it showcased the wonderful work PepUp Tech does for students and the support of the Salesforce ecosystem for growth and knowledge.

This event also had a personal moment of pride according to Shawn – seeing her fellow PepUp Tech alums presenting. “It made me happy to see them step out of their comfort zone and become more involved in the community. We all had similar thoughts of wanting to get ourselves out there to promote not only PepUp Tech but diversity and equality overall.”

Silverline was thrilled to host such a successful and meaningful event for the Salesforce community and PepUp Tech.


Learn more about Silverline’s partnership with PepUp Tech here.

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