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Optimize Mortgage Processes with Encompass Salesforce Integration 

By 11.21.23
Reading time: 3 minutes

Encompass is an industry-leading digital mortgage solution that addresses the challenge of fragmented data and inefficient processes within mortgage companies. It streamlines and centralizes data management, allowing mortgage lenders to integrate various aspects of their operations, from policy administration to claims processing. 

Silverline has developed a refined, bi-directional integration between Encompass and Salesforce, streamlining operations in the mortgage finance industry. This innovative integration combines the robust functionalities of Encompass with the dynamic CRM capabilities of Salesforce.

What is Encompass?

Encompass is designed to facilitate the process of mortgage origination, servicing, and compliance. As one of the leading Loan Origination Systems (LOS), it supports the entire loan lifecycle, from origination to closing. It helps streamline and automate the loan process, making it faster and more efficient for both lenders and borrowers. By providing a unified platform, Encompass enhances collaboration, reduces redundancy, and improves overall operational efficiency, helping companies overcome the hurdles of disparate systems and facilitating a more streamlined and agile workflow.

Integrating Financial Services Cloud with Encompass

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud is a comprehensive, integrated platform designed specifically for companies in the financial services sector. Built on the Salesforce platform, it provides tailored solutions that allow organizations to strengthen their customer relationships, improve productivity, and drive growth.

Silverline, with its wealth of experience and deep expertise, recognized the potential of integrating these two powerhouse platforms. Enhancing functionality, we further facilitated the integration of Encompass and Salesforce through the utilization of the MuleSoft platform. 

This seamless integration grants users convenient access to customer data, loans, accounts, and additional Encompass information directly on the Salesforce platform. With the strategic implementation of Encompass APIs and webhooks, Silverline’s innovation allows users to perform most Encompass functions without leaving the Salesforce environment, offering a seamless user experience.

Key benefits of Encompass Salesforce integration:

  • Seamless data exchange: Experience automated, seamless operations with fluid data transfer between systems, simplifying the process of data exchange and operational flow.
  • Streamlined pipeline management: Opportunities initiated in Salesforce are automatically pushed to Encompass through our integration.
  • In-depth customer insights: Leverage Salesforce’s expansive 360-degree customer view to delve deeper into customer needs and preferences, fostering a more personalized and understanding client approach.
  • Prompt customer service: With instant access to up-to-date information, provide rapid and efficient support to customer inquiries and issues, enhancing the overall customer service experience.
  • Cost and resource efficiency: Sidestep the additional expenses and resource allocation commonly associated with integration setups, ensuring a cost-effective and efficient integration process.
  • Enhanced security: With integrated advanced security protocols within the connector, enjoy peace of mind knowing that data privacy is prioritized and protection against unauthorized access is fortified.

How does MuleSoft make this come together?

Leveraging MuleSoft, our cutting-edge solution fosters seamless integration between Encompass and Financial Services Cloud. With a meticulously designed real-time link, we ensure continuous and flawless synchronization of applicant and loan data across both Salesforce and Encompass systems. This streamlined integration enables clients to effortlessly track and monitor their pipelines directly within the Salesforce platform, eliminating the need to alternate between different systems.

Beyond providing convenience, our integration is strategically designed to counteract “swivel chairing” amongst end-users, effectively eliminating redundant data entries in both Salesforce and Encompass. When opportunities are created in Salesforce, our integration ensures they are automatically pushed to Encompass. This doesn’t just simplify the transfer of opportunities; it guarantees real-time updates are reflected back in Salesforce, keeping end-users informed and engaged instantaneously.

The system also supports the incorporation of records initiated in Encompass into Salesforce. This feature enhances pipeline visibility, even when records are created by individuals in Encompass who are not Salesforce users, facilitating a smoother, more inclusive data tracking and management process.

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