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Tanner Mueller Expands Role, Leads Banking & Lending at Silverline

By 03.28.24
Reading time: 2 minutes

Mphasis Silverline announced today that Tanner Mueller, Senior Director, will take on an expanded role leading the Banking & Lending team. Mueller joined Mphasis Silverline in May 2022 and has been using his unique background in data, marketing, and technology to aid banking and lending organizations in better understanding their customers. In this leadership position, Tanner will be responsible for accelerating Banking & Lending growth globally as Mphasis Silverline continues to develop industry-leading solutions on the Salesforce Platform. 

“Tanner’s deep understanding of the banking industry and expertise developing robust solutions across Salesforce clouds makes him a natural fit to guide banking and lending organizations to Salesforce success,” said Geoff Merrick, EVP, Industries. “His passion, adaptability, consultative approach, and knowledge of the marketplace strengthens the value we offer our clients.”

Tanner has more than 19 years of banking and marketing experience, with a focus on marketing efficiency, customer data and insights, process automation, and innovation. Working with Heartland Financial bank as Director of Marketing Automation and Customer Engagement, he helped support more than 11 unique bank brands by creating a best-in-class martech stack through Salesforce. As CRM Director at First Horizon Bank, Tanner helped manage a Salesforce instance with 2000+ users in over 16 different lines of business. He also managed data analytics and marketing operations, acting as a change agent across the organization.

Some of Tanner’s past successes on the Salesforce platform include:

  • Helped install website personalization by integrating offline and online data to create a cohesive customer profile. This allowed for real-time segmentation and content display, which helped increase overall website click-through rate by over 26%.
  • Facilitated in developing a cross-sell strategy that utilized customer behavior to target unique messages, leading to an increase of over 600% in ROI.
  • Created an automated customer survey platform allowing the business to raise its NPS score over 10 points in a year.

“The opportunity to collaborate with an already exceptional team, deeply rooted in success, fills me with enthusiasm,” said Tanner Mueller. “Being part of a company that has consistently empowered numerous financial institutions to unlock the true potential of the Salesforce platform is both inspiring and motivating. With over 19 years of experience in banking, I am eager to leverage my expertise to further contribute to this legacy of achievement and drive continuous growth for our clients and Mpahsis Silverline.”

Tanner is also a passionate mixologist, and one of his favorite cocktails is the Boulevardier, a bourbon variation of the classic Negroni. Follow these simple steps and enjoy the cocktail’s complex flavors:

  • 1.5 oz Bourbon or Rye
  • 1 oz Sweet Vermouth
  • 1 oz Campari
  • Stir ingredients over ice
  • Pour into a coupe glass with an orange twist expressed over the top
  • Enjoy!

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