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Borrower Data is the Secret Sauce to the Customer Journey: Create the Best Mortgage Experience with Data Driven Marketing Strategies

By 05.31.18
Reading time: 2 minutes

Your customer and prospect data is your biggest asset. Quality data in your CRM system is powerful when combined with marketing tools to develop a personal relationship with applicants that can drive trust and improve the overall borrower experience.

This combination with Silverline’s Mortgage360 accelerator gives mortgage companies a highly organized system to capture, clarify, and improve your internal processes of engagement. Adding marketing tools like Salesforce Marketing Cloud easily takes the data you already have and makes it more actionable with minimum effort. The data you capture through these marketing interactions can drive greater results for your team by generating leads and opportunities for originators. Data can also be used to drive up-sell and cross-sell opportunities and deepen your customer relationships. For instance, data on rate changes can trigger automated communications to customers who may want to refinance, while account and demographic data can be combined to focus marketing campaigns on millennials with a checking and savings account but no mortgage loan.

It’s important to continually develop and nurture your customer relationship by using a platform to communicate on a regular basis with information that is sensitive to who they are and what they’re interested in. Engage with your customers to stay top of mind through solutions with drip email campaigns and targeted social media advertising. You don’t want to lose them because of a life-changing event, the more noticeable you are to the customer the more likely they are to think of you when they’re ready to make a big decision.

Data not only drives B2C communications; it can drive B2B as well. Take your marketing efforts one step further by utilizing B2B strategies to capture and engage your centers of influence to drive referrals. Your relationships with real estate agents, attorneys, and accountants are crucial to bringing in new business and generating high-quality lead flow. Use marketing tools to garner their interest in your organization by providing them with valuable information and keeping their attention on you. For instance, drive content to their inbox on how they affect the mortgage industry, trends in real estate, compliance around new mortgage regulations, appraisers content, company awareness, and give them tools to keep in their belt. These references will drive greater value than purchasing third-party leads that are questionably viable and require extensive nurturing.

What’s your business objective of incorporating marketing tools for your organization? It’s a big question to consider because of the differences you encounter with different tools. If you’re looking particularly for leads and a true lead conversion model, a marketing automation tool could be a powerful resource. If your organization is looking for a fully integrated strategy for your borrower’s homeownership journey, you may find a multichannel resource that integrates your core data with mobile, social, email, and online, Marketing Cloud would make a game-changing impact on your organization.

Drive your organization further by empowering your teams with resources that simplify your engagement strategies by integrating your data with marketing tools. You have the data, now execute on it! Contact us to learn more and speak with our marketing team.

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