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Delivering an Interactive Onboarding Process for Insurance Agents

By 06.23.20
Reading time: 2 minutes

So a successful candidate for your insurance agent opening has been moved to the offer stage — great! If you’re already leveraging Salesforce for your candidate community, you can seamlessly onboard new hires. The following are key considerations for automating and personalizing the process. 

An intuitive onboarding portal 

An automated email can be sent to give new hires access to a community where their important onboarding documents are located. Tools like DocuSign and Conga can be leveraged to make this process more efficient and streamlined. The onboarding portal can provide access and insight into the status of the onboarding process and deals in pipe, among other things.

  • For captive agents, the portal can provide:
    • The status of where they are in the hiring process
    • Access to training materials
    • An understanding of the license and appointment expectations
    • General announcements
  • When onboarding non-captive agents, the portal can provide:
    • The current status of onboarding steps such as background check, license verification, and appointment status 
    • An understanding of the license and appointment expectations
    • If the agent sought appointment to write a specific policy to increase trust and transparency to make them more confident

Compliance: track licenses, trainings, and appointments 

There can be many data points for a single agent. Optimize your compliance management through licensing and educational requirement tracking services to help bring a single view of the producer. This makes everything from contracting to managing day-to-day requirements more efficient and can increase producer satisfaction. This also makes the verification of producers’ credentials easier for compliance purposes.

Use for company training on unique products and tools available to agent

Salesforce has seen strong adoption of their Trailhead learning platform for a reason… Users love the gamification and ease of use. Creating learning paths (i.e., trails) that take onboarding agents through product types, tools available to them, and your unique company culture and guidelines gives them an easy, fun way to learn while also being tracked in Salesforce. The flexibility within the tool itself lets the carrier create bite-sized training for specific products, use cases, or processes that agents can consume as needed.

Additionally, you can reduce the cost and time to license your agent by using Salesforce’s custom Trailhead learning paths.

Use automated messaging to improve the onboarding experience

Create an interactive onboarding journey (e.g., with Pardot or Marketing Cloud) using email and text to help walk the agent through steps to submit their first opportunity. Whether simple or complex, introducing automated messaging to take an agent through the onboarding process is a huge win.

Agents expect a personalized approach to help them feel connected and keep your products top of mind when working with their end consumers. Onboarding journeys can start with a welcome note and take the agent on a one-to-one guided tour based on live data, which pushes them into desired selling behaviors.

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