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Key Themes Around Mortgage Technology Solutions

By 05.03.18
Reading time: 2 minutes

Technological innovation is transforming our lives: how we communicate, shop, bank, make payments, and much more. Over the past few years, the mortgage industry has had to transform as well. Silverline has been partnering with our Mortgage clients to help leverage Salesforce to focus on improving the interactions between various players and optimizing internal processes.

Silverline is a proud member of the Mortgage Bankers Association whose mission is to represent and serve its members through a comprehensive array of capabilities and tools that enable members to successfully deliver fair, sustainable, and responsible real estate financing within ever-changing business environments. We recently attended the MBA’s Technology Solutions Conference which is the industry’s premier Mortgage trade show focusing on today’s technology solutions. Included in this article is our take away from what we heard as major themes in the industry today.

Key Themes in the Mortgage Industry

With the rise of mobile and digital disruptors, the biggest challenge mortgage companies currently face is being aggressive enough to win business but not so aggressive that you create a bad customer experience. Speed is the latest trend in the industry for capturing a lead and closing a loan. If you speed up the process you need a solution to ensure your customer is understanding the significance of the investment they’re making. It is vital to bridge the gap of agility and quality control for lenders to do right by their customers.

When it comes to technology and customer engagement in the mortgage journey, how fast is fast enough? With consideration of the full process of purchasing a home loan, there are many critical steps to close the loan with a customer. Use technology to drive the value of your customer data to personalize communications for the mortgage journey.

Some questions to consider that were popular topics at this year’s conference:

  • Even when quality is upheld, are consumers fully understanding their relationship with their mortgage company, bank, or credit union?
  • Do consumers know who they’re paying their mortgage to?
  • How do you retain a consumer who has received a pre-approval so they don’t service their mortgage elsewhere?
  • How do mortgage companies show they’re providing value to consumers?

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