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Silverline Healthcare Expert Walter Groszewski Shares Silverline’s Capabilities for Healthcare Providers

By 07.16.18
Reading time: 2 minutes

I joined Silverline about two months ago after having spent almost twenty years in the healthcare informatics marketplace.  Silverline is a Platinum Implementation Partner of with a dedicated vertical focus – most notable in Healthcare (my focus) and Financial Services.

I have had the privilege over the years to have worked for IBM, Oracle, Navigant, UPMC, and most recently in the ambulatory surgery and PT/OT space with SourceMed.  I have worked with the most innovative organizations deploying creative solutions to improve quality and decrease cost. I must say, we talked about CRM in healthcare many years ago.  I had a colleague that argued with us daily that CRM in healthcare is where the industry needs to eventually head. We disagreed back then, but hindsight is 20/20. I have to admit, his insight was incredible!

As I look towards the next wave of innovation regarding improving patient engagement in Healthcare, I am honored to have the opportunity to work with Silverline.  Silverline is a company that is focused on healthcare and enabling an improved patient experience, across sub-segments, using the Salesforce platform. Having been a Salesforce user for many years, from a pure customer relationship management platform, I never really gave much thought to how this platform can transform the patient experience in healthcare.  Having been at Silverline for about 2 months now, I have a very different appreciation for how this change can and will happen, especially with the evolution of Salesforce’s Health Cloud.

Silverline has a unique appeal to me based on my experience.  First, they have a clear point of view and have translated that point of view to real value for our clients over the last four years.  They created an eBook dedicated to the “Provider Roadmap for Success leveraging CRM” which outlines a recommended roadmap.

Second, was Silverline’s ability to create accelerators for the marketplace.  Accelerators are enhancements and/or extensions to Salesforce’s core platform that we decided to build to more rapidly deliver value to our clients – accelerators are based on either several client’s requests, insights into the industry, or opportunities to offer unique product capabilities. I have seen traditional consulting firms do a great job harnessing methodologies, templates etc., but I haven’t experienced such a successful re-use of technology in such a coordinated and deliberate fashion (not saying it hasn’t been done before) – combining the knowledge of Silverline’s Healthcare Practice with its Foundry Team, dedicated to building accelerators and inventorying reusable assets.

Finally, the focus on industries and deep experience across the entire Salesforce platform has made it possible for Silverline to deliver accelerated value by leveraging industry best practices for our clients in the third and fourth leg of the Quadruple Aim, enhancing the Patient Experience and better engaging Providers.

Silverline excels with a strong industry focus combined with deep Salesforce experiences, a clear point of the view in the market, and best practice accelerators to drive the industry forward.  For more information on how Silverline can support your business, contact me at [email protected].  I welcome the opportunity to hear about your journey.

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