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What Are the Benefits of Salesforce Health Cloud?

By 05.15.20
Reading time: 4 minutes

You’ve heard about it, perhaps seen a demo, and even read up on some of the features of Salesforce Health Cloud. You’re well aware that it’s touted as the leading technology solution for those in healthcare. KLAS has repeatedly named Salesforce the #1 healthcare CRM. There’s a good deal of information available about the solution itself, but it can be difficult to tell what’s relevant and right for your organization. Is a Health Cloud partner consultant something you need? How are others in your industry getting things done? How will Salesforce work with your EHR and other legacy technologies?

However you identify in the healthcare industry — as a provider, a payer, a biotech/pharma company, or a medical devices company — Health Cloud has tangible benefits for your internal teams and those you serve. Here we’ve broken down some of the foundational benefits of Health Cloud by subvertical.

Health Cloud benefits for providers

For one thing, it’s not EHR versus CRM — it’s EHR and CRM. Health Cloud isn’t here to replace your EHR. It enables you to unlock legacy systems and incorporate apps in a compliant, flexible platform, turning insights into action for a patient-centered approach to care. The Forrester Wave has also recognized Salesforce as a leader in healthcare CRM for providers.

Beyond elevating your EHR, Health Cloud for providers more specifically offers:

  • A 360-degree view of patient data, including up-to-the-minute details such as current conditions, appointment history, medications, and specialists… all in one place, without having to change screens or swap devices
  • A complete patient experience — the ability to create a customized care plan and make connections in caregiver networks
  • Real-time patient coordination and engagement with the help of private Salesforce Communities, which allow patients and caregivers to send and receive secure messages anytime

Health Cloud benefits for payers

Health Cloud has features specific to the health insurance industry that enable payers to engage with members and providers in more proactive, efficient ways, such as:

  • Member care management programs at scale through smart utilization management, proactive risk identification, and real-time integration with legacy systems and EHRs to get a 360-degree view of members.
  • Personalized member services. With a complete picture of members, agents can deliver more personalized interactions and proactive support through intelligent recommendations. A knowledge base keeps agents connected and empowered with real-time information about members for faster, detailed support and case resolution.
  • Management of the complete member journey. Omnichannel communications, automated workflows, and pre-built templates make it possible to engage members at key points in their journey — from acquisition and onboarding through retention.

Health Cloud benefits for biotech/pharma companies

Health Cloud is the foundation of many patient support programs for large and small biotech and pharma companies. By creating a centralized system that can collect HCP script information, patient opt-ins, patient information, and track fulfillment, biotech and pharma companies can keep operational costs down and deliver better results for patients. Health Cloud enables biotech and pharma companies to:

  • Scale and streamline compliance and adherence. With the ability to get patients their medicine more efficiently through shepherding prior authorizations, patient sign-ups, and fulfillment tracking. These steps serve as the launching point to scale therapy-specific support programs so that teams can reduce operational costs while providing the best opportunity for patients to receive positive health outcomes. 
  • Personalize the patient and HCP experience. Health Cloud helps biotech and pharma companies meet patients and HCPs where they are — across their preferred devices in real time. Through individual case management capabilities with any point of access by patients (e.g., phone, web, mobile), companies are able to have an immediate understanding of where a patient is in the journey at any given time, as well as be able to personalize their needs.
  • Collect and analyze critical product and process information in a compliant manner. Health Cloud makes it easy to collect information directly from patients or their HCP regarding script approval, prior authorizations, adverse events or product complaint information, which can be analyzed easily for reporting purposes. Additionally, it is flexible enough to customize guided program enrollment and digital consent management driven by your unique business rules. 

Health Cloud benefits for medical devices companies

For medical devices companies concerned with building provider relationships, managing commercial processes, and supporting the patient experience, Health Cloud helps to:

  • Engage and empower sales and account teams with the centralized data, task automation, and immediate insights they need on any device. Integrate sales forecasts into agreements, provide visibility into agreement terms, and surface actual volume and revenue with real-time analysis and insights.
  • Enable and leverage account-based forecasting with Einstein Analytics-driven forecast models at corporate and provider level by market, geography, and product line; collaboration with product, finance, and sales teams; and sales target setting based on market forecasting.
  • Increase positive experience and outcomes for patients through optimized, personalized patient programs — beginning with guided program enrollment, digital consent management, and omnichannel communications that put patients in control of their care journey.

Where real-world healthcare experience meets Salesforce Health Cloud expertise

With Salesforce Health Cloud, providers can give patients, caregivers, and their staff members more immediate, streamlined access to key information. It gives patients more autonomy over their own healthcare journeys, while also helping those aiding in their care deliver more personalized, efficient care.

As a development partner of Salesforce Health Cloud, we have years of experience helping healthcare organizations understand, implement, integrate, and see the benefits of Health Cloud and related technologies. Our consulting team has firsthand experience in your industry in a range of consulting, clinical, and technical roles, and we can assist you on the path to better outcomes and improved patient care.

Learn more about our Healthcare practice and see how we can help your organization realize the benefits of a Salesforce Health Cloud implementation.

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