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Silverline Recognizes Juneteenth as Company Holiday

By 06.17.22
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On June 19, 1865, General Order No. 3 brought news of the Emancipation Proclamation to the enslaved people of Texas, the last state in the Confederacy with institutional slavery. The day marked the end of an abominable era, and Juneteenth celebrates the freedom that was unjustly denied to Black Americans for centuries. 

Last year, President Joe Biden signed the Juneteenth National Independence Day Act, making Juneteenth a federal holiday. In a proclamation issued by the White House, President Biden wrote:

“Juneteenth is a day of profound weight and power. A day in which we remember the moral stain and terrible toll of slavery on our country –- what I’ve long called America’s original sin. A long legacy of systemic racism, inequality, and inhumanity. But it is a day that also reminds us of our incredible capacity to heal, hope, and emerge from our darkest moments with purpose and resolve.”

Silverline recognizes the importance of Juneteenth as a day to pay tribute to the Black Americans who never knew freedom. It’s also a day to celebrate how far the country has come, while acknowledging that the struggle is far from over. We are observing Juneteenth as a company holiday for our US team.

“Silverline fosters a diverse and inclusive culture that embraces and supports the world we live in,” said Gireesh Sonnad, CEO. “We actively celebrate every Silverliner’s unique background, perspective, and experience while seeking to increase cultural awareness, so we are honored and humbled to observe Juneteenth as an official company holiday.”   

“Our hope is that observing Juneteenth will provide a moment of reflection, peace, and service for our team,” said Andrew Blaisdell, Chief Administrative Officer. “We seek to recognize and celebrate the many experiences, traditions, and contributions of Silverliners around the world, and this US holiday provides another opportunity to come together with a sense of inclusion and belonging.”        

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