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Einstein GPT Empowers Enterprises with Trusted Generative AI

By 06.30.23
Reading time: 4 minutes

Trust and generative AI are often met with a skeptical reaction. Trust is lacking, and new Salesforce research found that 73% of employees believe generative AI introduces new security risks, and nearly 60% of those who plan to use the technology don’t know how to keep data secure. 

AI Cloud is Salesforce’s answer to enterprises that want to be AI-first but have concerns about the risks it may introduce to their data, security, and privacy.

“AI Cloud, built on the #1 CRM, is the fastest and easiest way for our customers to unleash the incredible power of AI, with trust at the center driven by our new Einstein GPT Trust Layer. AI Cloud will unlock incredible innovation, productivity, and efficiency for every company,” said Marc Benioff, Chair and CEO, Salesforce. 

Here we take a closer look at the new AI Cloud and Einstein GPT and how they provide a trusted way for organizations to supercharge their customer experiences and company productivity with generative AI, augmenting Salesforce capabilities now and into the future.

Keeping trust at the Salesforce core

Salesforce has been pioneering AI for CRM since 2014 and has always kept its core value of trust at the center of AI. Every conversation and transaction with Salesforce begins and ends with trust, which is especially important for highly regulated industries like financial services and healthcare.

Companies want to know where their data is and audit that place – but that’s not how generative AI works. As the AI network has expanded, the ability of the models has grown and is constantly shifting and changing. That has become a burden because companies need the capability to use next-generation AI models while also being able to deliver a trusted experience for their customers.

The Salesforce platform is already helping organizations succeed by delivering faster time to value and innovating with low code. But now, Salesforce has evolved to give companies the trust they demand with generative AI to augment their employees’ productivity and help make business decisions based on accurate information.

Closing the AI trust gap

According to Salesforce’s survey of more than 500 senior IT leaders, while a majority (67%) are prioritizing generative AI, they remain skeptical about the ethical implications of generative AI. Almost six in 10 (59%) believe generative AI outputs are inaccurate, and almost two-thirds (63%) agree there is bias in generative AI outputs. 

Salesforce Data Cloud is Salesforce’s fastest-growing cloud ever, with 30 trillion transactions per month. One of the reasons why Data Cloud is integral to organizations is because companies that want to transform with generative AI must organize and prepare their data. The cloud sets the stage for an enterprise’s AI journey so you can connect with your customers in a whole new way.

But how will we store that enterprise data when the sole desire of the Large Language Model (LLM) is to whisk it away for its own needs? What will happen to our privacy, security, and those hallucinations we keep hearing about. 

This balancing act of leaning into the productivity gains of generative AI while relieving concerns about giving away all of a company’s data is where we must close the AI trust gap. 

Introducing AI Cloud: Trusted enterprise AI built for CRM

AI Cloud is a suite of generative AI capabilities that brings the trust and security you expect from Salesforce to the entire ecosystem in a highly contextual, relevant, and secure way. AI Cloud drives productivity and revenue for every workflow, application, user, department, and industry. AI Cloud integrates with Salesforce technologies such as Einstein, Data Cloud, Tableau, Flow, and MuleSoft.

AI Cloud includes the new Einstein GPT Trust Layer, which offers generative AI benefits while alleviating data privacy and security risks, thereby filling the trust gap. The Einstein GPT Trust Layer prevents LLMs from retaining sensitive enterprise data by creating a separation of the data from the LLM. Enterprise data is kept safe through a number of methods like secure data retrieval, dynamic grounding, data masking, toxicity detection, and zero retention.

The Einstein GPT Trust Layer enables companies to get started with trusted generative AI faster with deployment capabilities for any relevant LLM: 

  • Third-Party LLMs: As part of Salesforce’s commitment to an open ecosystem, AI Cloud is designed to host LLMs from Amazon Web Services (AWS), Anthropic, Cohere, and others within Salesforce’s infrastructure. The Salesforce and OpenAI partnership delivers joint content moderation using OpenAI’s Enterprise API in conjunction with the Einstein GPT Trust Layer to keep data retained in Salesforce.
  • Salesforce LLMs: Salesforce’s LLMs, such as CodeGen, CodeT5+, and CodeTF, developed by Salesforce AI Research, power advanced capabilities such as code generation and business process automation assistance. 
  • Bring Your Own Model (BYOM): Enterprises that have trained their own domain-specific models outside of Salesforce, such as Amazon SageMaker or Google’s Vertex AI, can connect directly to AI Cloud through the Einstein GPT Trust Layer while continuing to store data on their own infrastructure.

In addition to the recently launched Einstein GPT, Commerce GPT, Marketing GPT, Slack GPT, and Tableau GPT, Salesforce has added Sales GPT and Service GPT to the mix to harmonize generative AI across the Customer 360. Sales GPT lets sellers work faster, smarter, and more efficiently, and Service GPT uses real-time data from Data Cloud to help service teams spend less time on mundane tasks.

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