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In this article you will learn about:

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    • Create a new record by clicking or dragging on the day(s) on the calendar to view the standard CalendarAnything
      LWC Create and Edit Popup. Records can be dragged, copied, cut, pasted, cloned, edited, and deleted. If
      modified, the record will be updated accordingly.
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Access General Settings by clicking the gear at top right corner of application. 

Month view

Cell Height Expansion
Determines whether calendar cells in Month view will have fixed height or will adjust to the number of events per certain day.

Request Extended Date Ranges
When checked, loads 120-day window on scroll instead of 60-day. Note that this setting is not recommended for organizations with a lot of data, as it can decrease your calendar performance.

Choose Sort Order
Determines what will the sort order be for the + more Day details popup in Month View.

Scrolling Speed
Equalizes scrolling speed in pixels per second (1-100), defaults to 30.

Display Month
If enabled, includes the name of the month when showing a day on the calendar.

General Settings – Month View Settings

Day/Week view

Start Time/End Time
Specifies hours displayed in the Day/Week views. Uses 24-hour clock settings (for example, 13:00 for 1:00 PM)
Display Non-Working Hours
Specifies whether the calendar should display or hide hours outside your set working hours such as from 9 AM to 5 PM.
Time Slots
Specifies whether Day/Week views timed area will show 5 min, 10 min, 15 min, 30 min or 60 min windows for events and appointments.
Event Bar Display
Specifies whether the calendar will display All Day Only records, Time Only events, or a % ratio of both Day and Week views.
Display Additional Fields Day/Week View
Specifies whether or not to show field labels in Day/Week view.

General Settings – Day/Week View Settings

Day Grouping

Use grouping options available in Gantt and Swimlane view within Day view.

Group by team member to see their day at a glance. This will allow users to make decisions at a glance and drag/drop entries to update records.

Agenda view

Display Field Labels
Enables users to toggle field labels in Agenda View independently of other calendar views.
Display Empty Days
If a given day doesn’t have any events, check this box to automatically remove it from the calendar.

General Settings: Agenda View Settings

Gantt view

Default Time Grouping
Select how events look in Gantt view. Options: Hour, Day, Week, Month, or Quarter.
Default Time Period
Sets the Default Time period. Options: 1 Day, 1 Week, 1 Month, 3 Months, 6 Months, 1 Year, 3 Years, 10 Years, or All Dates.
Respect Working Hours
Maintains display of working hours only.
Display Collapsed Grouping by Default
Set if Gantt groups of events will be collapsed by default.
Hide Day Breaks in Collapsed View
Select how collapsed events will display.
New Week Marker
Identify which day signals the start of a new week (Sunday, Monday, etc.)
Expand Title Label
Unchecked, titles will be clipped.

General Settings – Gantt View Settings

Gantt view is the perfect way to manage marketing campaigns, project plans, and schedules over an extended time period.

Use the Gantt view time drop-down to change the date range. Shrink or expand time by showing data by day,
week, month, or quarter. Display 3 months, one year, 3 years, 10 years or data from all time.

Gantt chart controls

To properly display a calendar in Gantt view, specify the Default Gantt Grouping and Default Gantt Subgrouping fields for the relevant calendar in Step 2 of the calendar settings. Return to the settings page for the calendar and select a field for the Gantt view.

You can default which fields you want to group by in the Default Gantt Grouping/Sub Grouping setting specified for the calendar in Calendar Settings, on the Calendar Criteria Tab.

Collapse the Gantt grouping to hide the rows below it with a click.

Limit the number of fields available for Gantt Grouping in the Settings > Admin Settings > Field Grouping Limits.

Select the object to limit the number of grouping fields, and then click Select Grouping Fields. Move from Available to Selected to choose your fields. Fields added in Grouping Tab apply to Gantt, Swimlane, and Day Grouping Views.

Swimlane view

Swimlane is a view in CalendarAnything LWC that is similar to the Standard Salesforce Calendar Multi-User Day View, but can show records from any object and be grouped by user or any given field. Scroll horizontally and vertically to see records. The drop-down menu allows you to see data either by the hour or day.

Auto-Populate Grouping Values upon Quick Creation
When this option is checked, the Assigned To field pre-populates with user name from selected Swimlane. Please note that this option works only when records are grouped by User list view.
Continuous Scrolling
Scroll in Swimlane view without having to click through dates.
Display Field Labels
Show or hide field labels. By default, this checkbox is checked to show field labels.
Day Cell Width
Enables user to set the Day Cell Width.
Default Time Grouping
Defines if Swimlanes will be grouped by Day or Hour
Grouping Options
Select between the following grouping options: Fields, User List Views, Custom, Display Public Groups, Subgroups, Include Group Roles Users, Include Group Hierarchy Users.
Display Start Date/Time and End Date/Time
Allows users to hide or show Start Date/Time and End Date/Time on event labels in Swimlane view.
Display Date for All Day Events
Select whether to show a Date on the label of any single-day All Day events.
Display Day of Week
Include the Day of the Week when showing the date on the calendar.

Display Settings – Swimlane View Settings

The drop-down menu allows you to see data either by the hour or day.

And you can choose from four Swimlane groupings options.

User List Views
Option 1 will show and allow the user to select a Salesforce User list-view. Visibility to User list views are defined in three ways:
ο Visible only to a logged-in user
ο Visible to all users (including partner and customer portal users)
ο Visible to certain groups of users
ο Users won’t see the list view, even if they’re added to it, if the calendar itself is not shared with them.

Public Groups
Option 2 allows users to group Swimlanes by sharing settings, such as Public Group of Users.

Option 3 allows users to select a group by field.
Note: if multiple calendars are enabled, only fields that are common between the calendars will be available.

All grouping options are also applicable to Day and Gantt Views.

By default, the Entry label displays for every record. Specify additional fields to display in Calendar Settings on
the Display Additional Fields tab.

Create a new record by clicking or dragging on the day(s) on the calendar to view the standard CalendarAnything LWC Create and Edit Popup. Records can be dragged, copied, cut, pasted, cloned, edited, and deleted. If modified, the record will be updated accordingly.

Custom Grouping (Admin Only)

Option 4 allows the user to pick the Custom Grouping presets. To create Grouping presets, go to Settings >
Admin Settings > Custom Grouping > Click + Add.

Then enter the preset name, click Edit > Add Grouping and specify the Object and Grouping field. Then click Save.
Users can also add filters for the Grouping field values and Title fields. After the Grouping preset is saved, it can be Cloned, Edited, or Deleted.


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