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Managed Services: Going Beyond Staff Augmentation

By 04.13.23
Reading time: 3 minutes

Still thinking about managed services after our last post? You’re in luck!

We know your full-time job consumes enough of your day, let alone trying to stay up to date with all of the requests coming from users, or staying on top of all the latest and greatest capabilities and improvements. You want more help but you’re not sure where to turn — full-time hires, contractors, or on-demand staff augmentation?

With Silverline’s Managed Services solution, we aim to set your mind at ease. So we’ve set out to address common myths about managed services and help you keep your Org moving forward.

Myth: Most companies just need staff augmentation, not project management

Salesforce isn’t something that one admin can master and manage anymore. You need multiple skill sets to get the solution that works best for your Org. And that skill set could include data work. It could include custom development, complex configuration, and integrations to other systems.

You might need a specialty around a particular industry, a complicated enterprise architecture, or possibly adherence to regulatory compliance. And when you go the staff augmentation route, you get the expertise and skills of a single resource and not a multifaceted team to address the need. Oftentimes, you discover that you needed more support than you thought. You can’t know what you don’t know — so bringing in a third party with cross-functional expertise can help identify, define, and implement solutions that better serve your company in the long run, while helping to deliver tangible ROI on your valuable investment in the platform.

At Silverline, we’ve structured services in such a way that it allows us to partner with and consistently deliver efficiencies, value, and real transformation for our clients. We balance their deficiencies and complement their strengths, by providing a diverse team rather than a single person or a single role. Beyond the immediate client team sits hundreds of Silverliners with a wide range of experience that can be used on an as-needed basis to provide consultation, solution design, and subject matter expertise.

Managed Services is designed to provide pricing comparable to hiring a single resource, but with a wide range of skills that are nearly impossible to find in one person. Our teams foster and develop long-term partnerships while efficiently defining challenges and continuously delivering innovative solutions that positively impact your business.

Myth: Managed services only applies to Salesforce

Managed services provides skill sets that operate across an ecosystem of solutions. When we say Salesforce, there are so many disciplines. From basic platform needs, classic Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Marketing Cloud needs; not to mention the AppExchange and the vast array of Salesforce partner applications that can help tie together components and solutions efficiently. It takes deep cross-functional expertise to tie together all the capabilities Salesforce brings to the table.

At Silverline, managed services doesn’t mean just Salesforce. We come in as a strategic partner focused on evolving your solution. We have the ability to not only look through the Salesforce lens, but also to take a broader look at the entire environment of solutions. We understand how different applications, components, and solutions knit together to provide comprehensive platform solutions. We work on integrations, platform-specific or analytics-specific components, AppExchange, field marketing, mobile compatibility, and more. We look at your broader architecture and identify opportunities to simplify and condense processes.

We draw on our broader team — people who also have expertise in various industries and ancillary tools around Salesforce that are on the AppExchange and are integrated with other platforms. We touch on many different types of enterprise architecture. Over the years, Salesforce has purchased multiple businesses across industries and focuses — and we have experts available in virtually all of them.

Ready to level up your Org? Download our ebook for more managed services mythbusting.


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