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Salesforce Enterprise Relationship Management

Rely on Silverline’s expertise to manage relationships in real time with real, data-based insights.

Historically, customer relationship management strategies have focused on understanding the universe of B2B clients and prospects that a firm actively engages with so as to deliver exceptional service at all stages of their respective journeys. 

But as technology progresses and intentionality works its way into business plans, firms are looking for better ways to define their markets, build their networks, and unlock the power of relationship capital.

We know that the time to make the right impression is with every interaction.

Brand affinity and company loyalty remain at the forefront of strategies for acquisition, retention, and relationship deepening. From call centers to service bots, email marketing to in-person experiences — a fully-actualized CRM program helps to drive efficient operations, uncovers key insights about how clients are engaging, and provides tools to transact effectively and ensure satisfaction, or even delight. 

As more intelligent AI and machine learning tools become available, we begin to edge into predictive service and sales in an increasingly individualized way. And that’s where enterprise relationship management (ERM) comes into play.

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What is ERM, and why do I need it?

ERM is a strategy in which firms are very intentional with defining their markets, building their networks, and unlocking the power of relationship capital. The belief is that people are at the heart of long-term growth.

The more we can understand our network, identify our shared goals, and drive mutual outcomes, the more successful we are together. Organizations with a strong focus on ERM rigorously track the people they know, mapping and managing relationships with intent and focus.  But the focus isn’t placed on individual transactions, instead it exists within the long-term goal of building value over time. This is a fundamental shift in thinking, and one that creates generational growth and impact.

What can this shift help your firm accomplish?

Building an effective Salesforce enterprise relationship management software solution includes aggregating relationship data across your organization through technology platforms and automated processes to effectively identify high-potential prospects in the pipeline. By tapping into an intangible asset like relationships, you can fundamentally transform how your organization does business.

Some firms use the power of CRM + ERM to generate alerts to client service teams about active projects or contracts, to augment data for KYC or compliance processes, or to automatically schedule relationship coverage check-ins or friendly, personalized emails. In our work building Salesforce apps for 10,000+ investment bankers in 25+ countries globally, Silverline has seen a broad array of formal and informal approaches to relationship management.

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Common Salesforce ERM use cases include

The Power of Enterprise Relationships

Why your CRM needs ERM

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