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A Day in the Life: Gino Caprile

By 10.13.23
Reading time: 2 minutes

Position / Job Title:  Director, Silverline Central America (SLCA)
Start Date:  May 2017

Tell us about your heritage:
I’m proud to be Salvadoran. El Salvador, though a small country in Central America, boasts a rich tapestry of history and culture. We’re descendants of the Pipil people, a subgroup of the Nahua-speaking indigenous communities, and our roots trace back to the ancient Mayan civilizations. Our heritage is a fusion of indigenous, Spanish, and other influences. We celebrate traditional festivals like the August Festivals in honor of El Salvador’s patron saint, the Divino Salvador del Mundo. Food is also a significant part of our culture, with dishes like ‘pupusas’ being a staple.

Tell us a fun fact or something interesting about your home country/culture?  
We eat pupusas every Sunday night.

What does your average day look like?
My day is a blend of administrative and operational duties. On the administrative side, I handle tasks supporting SLCA’s operations, encompassing areas such as HR, Accounting, Finance, and Marketing. Operationally, I actively engage with clients, implementing Salesforce products and addressing issues. I often switch between these roles, balancing consulting work with efforts to ensure our company delivers outstanding service.

How did you find out about Silverline and your current position?
Throughout the Salesforce Ecosystem, Silverline stands out as a renowned partner. I went ahead and reached out to the company asking for an opportunity to be able to work and learn from such a talented team, the rest is history.

What motivates you at work?
To assist others in learning and enhancing their Salesforce skills and improving their quality of life through better job opportunities.

What are some interesting challenges you face?

To convince people that education can change their life, and that Salesforce is a good option. To remove blockers we have found due to infrastructure, political climate, and other issues in Central America. To convince people that if you work, opportunities will open for you if you really want to be better.

What new things have you learned since you began working at Silverline? 

Technical skills about the Salesforce platform, best practices for Salesforce consulting, and how to relate with large clients and world-class Salesforce professionals.

What do you think makes Silverline and its diversity programs successful? 

The culture and the world-class professionals that work here.

What is your favorite perk here at Silverline? 

The people that I work with and the relationships I have been able to nurture.

What is your favorite memory from working at Silverline? 

When we started our exclusivity partnership and we were able to represent Silverline in Central America.

What do you hope for your future and the future of the Hispanic community at Silverline? 

To gain more recognition and be able to start supporting more Hispanic clients. 

What advice would you give someone considering a job at Silverline (latin or otherwise)?
In all my years active I have never felt or seen any sign of discrimination for my Hispanic origins. That is something I really appreciate and makes my work enjoyable as I feel respected.

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