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A Day In The Life: Yanique Bourjolly

By Silverline Team 01.20.16 Yanique Bourjolly
Reading time: 3 minutes

Who: Yanique Bourjolly

Position: Inside Sales Rep

Employee Since: April 2013

Fun fact: I LOVE traveling! yanique image 1

Can you describe your position at Silverline?

I am an ISR or Inside Sales Rep. I work with all the AppExchange solutions that we offer at Silverline. We have three AppExchange solutions: CalendarAnything which is a calendaring tool that allows you to create calendars from any Salesforce object; Visual Relationship Mapping, also known as VRM, which allows you to see relationship maps in Salesforce up to nine degrees of separation; and The WaterCooler which is a social intranet, built on the Salesforce Platform, that uses Chatter as one of its collaboration features.

How would you describe your average day?

As an ISR I usually start my day reaching out to people that show interest in our solutions. Sometimes they’ll want a demo, so we schedule a demo with them and review their use case to find out what they need. I also work with existing clients to set-up custom calendars, using CalendarAnything, that fill a void in Salesforce’s current calendar functionality. Additionally, I’ll work with the rest of the ISR team to call prospects and promote sales, discuss trial cases, and help with troubleshooting.

What motivates you, both at work and in life?

At work what really motivates me is the constant learning; Salesforce technology is always changing. It’s really important to stay abreast of the changes and remain a knowledgeable expert for our clients. In life, New York City motivates me. There’s so much going on every day and I’m motivated to take advantage of the city and everything it has to offer.

What do you like most about the work you do?

What I like most is interacting with clients from all around the world. I have many Fortune 500 clients based all over the world including the UK, Israel, Germany, and Australia. It’s amazing being able to talk to so many different people.

What are some day-to-day challenges you face and how do you handle them?

One of my biggest challenges is making sure that all of our clients are satisfied and have updated to the latest versions of our products. We want to make sure that our clients are happy and taking full advantage of the product they’ve purchased.

Do you ever find it challenging coordinating with people all over the world?

Sometimes it can be challenging when I have a call with people from multiple time zones; it can be a little stressful to coordinate and sometimes I’ll have to take calls really early or late Eastern Time. It can also be challenging working with clients with high expectations that require complicated custom development on our products. In that case, we have to work together to meet their needs.

What do you think makes Silverline a successful company?

I think Silverline is a successful company because of the collaborative environment. There’s such a smart bunch of individuals working here. We have some of the top people in the industry. There’s always someone who can help you with any problem you might have. Having all of these people working as a team makes Silverline successful.

What new things have you learned since you began working here?

I’ve learned so much since I started working here. Before Silverline, I didn’t know anything about Salesforce and since I started I got my developer and admin certifications. I learned about selling apps which was something I’d never done before, and I’ve had the opportunity to work with all kinds of clients. I’ve really gained a lot during my time at Silverline.

What do you hope to do in your future at Silverline?

I’m working towards sustaining customer satisfaction and retention. I want to maintain constant communication with clients, get their feedback so that we can establish a good long-term relationship, and develop my bedside manner when working with customers.

What is your favorite memory at Silverline?

When the company took a trip to a ski Jiminy Peak for our annual retreat. It was such a great experience and definitely a highlight.

What is your favorite perk Silverline offers?

The educational reimbursement we get each year. I’ve taken a coding class in HTML and CSS and I’m currently taking an improv class. I really like being able to do things like that to maintain a nice work-life balance.

If you had a friend who was thinking about working at Silverline what advice would you give them?

I would tell them to definitely look into it. Silverline is a great company that gives you the chance to grow and experience so many things both professionally and personally. I would recommend they do their research and read about Salesforce and Salesforce consulting partners; educate themselves on SaaS and cloud computing and then decide if Silverline would be a good fit.

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