Health Information Services Solutions

Create more informed patients and providers.

Leverage the Salesforce platform to drive more automation and consistency in processes, while also rolling out ancillary services and applications to improve service offerings.

Facilitate Complex Workflow

Establish complex data models and the associated architecture to facilitate complex workflow associated with key healthcare services amongst patients and providers.

Holistic Patient View

Track and aggregate information from multiple data sources to provide a more holistic view of a patient’s care across local, regional, or state levels.

Solve Common Issues

Such as: provider directories, data routing, secure messaging, and self-service offerings.

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We know Health Cloud.

“Working with Health Cloud from its early days as a pilot product, we’ve seen how it is empowering healthcare providers to go beyond health records and build stronger relationships with patients. Health Cloud is a new tool within our own suite of solutions that allows us to more quickly and easily innovate with our customers to meet their unique business needs at a process, functional and clinical level.” - Matt Gretczko, Healthcare Practice Director

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Complex Data Migration/Integration

We are experts in strategizing, planning and building solutions to migrate data of any size from many disparate sources to Salesforce.

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