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How My Human Complexity Makes Me a Better Consultant Advocate

Around the Office

I wear many hats in the world, all of which influence one another in various ways. At Silverline, I am a Consultant Advocate responsible for supporting a team of consultants on their projects and in their careers. In the Salesforce ecosystem, I am a Certified Admin and App Builder with seven plus years experience as both a client-facing consultant and an internal system administrator. In the larger realm of STEM, I am an Android user,…
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See What You Missed from the July 24 NYC Salesforce User Group


Silverline recently hosted the New York City Salesforce User Group on Wednesday, July 24th. The mission of the New York City Salesforce User Group is to build an enthusiastic community committed to learning about the Salesforce Platform and achieving successful adoption. Wednesday’s session was about the Salesforce mobile app and featured Victor Oliveros, Eugene Oksman, and Alex Yi from the Salesforce Mobile Product Management Team. Our very own Kevin Hoxie, recently promoted to Business Analyst,…
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Listen First: Advice from a Salesforce Consultant

Salesforce Consulting

I’ve been outgoing my entire life. My mom liked to say my sister would sit in the corner and read to herself as a child; I’d sit in a corner and read out loud for all who wanted to hear (or not). So I find it interesting looking back at the last decade of my career and realizing the success I’ve had and the expertise I’ve built is on a foundation of listening first —…
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