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Supercharge CalendarAnything LWC with New Features and Functionality

By 08.04.22
Reading time: 4 minutes

CalendarAnything is more than just a calendar. The #1 Salesforce Calendar App lets you view your business at a high level or get into the details — all on one screen. 

CalendarAnything is entirely customizable for your organization’s needs, whether you’re managing a team of two or coordinating hundreds. And now, Silverline has taken the next step in continuing to meet and exceed those needs and better serve CalendarAnything clients. 

The new managed package, CalendarAnything Lightning Web Component (LWC), replaces the existing CalendarAnything Classic package. Silverline is rolling out new and enhanced CalendarAnything functionality and features as part of the LWC package.

New CalendarAnything functionality and features

Whether you’re coordinating marketing campaigns, planning epic events, optimizing resources, managing projects, or scheduling meetings and appointments, CalendarAnything is completely customizable to your business. 

Check out the most recent updates to the CalendarAnything LWC Package, including a more robust UI to seamlessly collaborate between users and teams. 

Multi Create Records

With CalendarAnything LWC, you can create multiple records at the same time. You now have the ability to create multiple records with a single click, saving you the time and aggravation of creating one record at a time. The Multi Create functionality is available in all CalendarAnything views. 

Display Additional Fields

The Display Additional Fields feature lets you display selected fields on the entry without having to click or hover to see field details. This feature is available for all views.

Resize/Move Details Popup

Users can now resize and move the Details Popup, adding an additional level of customization to the CalendarAnything settings.

Integration with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Slack

CalendarAnything is now integrated with popular video conferencing platforms needed for today’s remote work environment. Zoom and Microsoft Teams (currently in beta) meetings can be created, edited, and joined straight from CalendarAnything. With the Slack integration, users can seamlessly collaborate around meetings, such as checking availability with a Slack message or accessing meeting details with a direct link to the record page. 

Filter Set Folders

There is expanded functionality with the Filter Panel that allows you to slice and dice information. Filter Set Folders have been created to allow for only one filter at a time to be enabled (One and Required), have one filter enabled or none (None or One), have multiple filters enabled or none (None or Multiple), and Personal Folders to better organize filter sets created by end users. 

Digital Experience + Mobile Publisher

Digital Experience, formerly known as Communities, is moving off of desktop and onto the CalendarAnything Mobile Publisher application. Users have full CalendarAnything functionality on mobile as well as the same look and feel with similar branding and design as desktop.

Enhanced Gantt View

Gantt view is the perfect way to manage marketing campaigns, project plans, and schedules over an extended time period. Gantt View now better assists users by letting them see any field within the object they are working in and automatically setting an opportunity to be assigned. 

Quick View Settings

Quick View Settings let CalendarAnything users easily adjust display settings in Calendar view without having to take the multiple steps of navigating to the gear icon and finding the section for the feature they want to enable or disable.

Custom Reminders + Email Notifications

Users can set up Custom Reminders and Email Notifications to be reminded about upcoming events on a calendar-by-calendar basis. Whenever a record is created, updated, or both, an email is sent to the user or user group. The email includes a link to the specific opportunity in Salesforce.

Ensure an easy transition to CalendarAnything LWC

Tenu Vitharana is the Salesforce Administrator for Silverline client William F. White, a company that rents out equipment for film and television productions. 

Vitharana guided the organization as it transitioned from CalendarAnything Classic to CalendarAnything LWC. He found the new version to be a much cleaner interface and likes the ability to embed CalendarAnything in any Lightning page needed. CalendarAnything, especially the Gantt view, has been valuable to William F. White’s business by helping it schedule items and stay on top of its CRM data. 

CalendarAnything LWC is an optional upgrade. However, Silverline will no longer continually be developing the CalendarAnything Classic package, and all future enhancements and functionality will be rolled out on CalendarAnything LWC. Clients can run the Classic and LWC packages concurrently to ensure a seamless transition before going live with the LWC product. 

Silverline plans to migrate all CalendarAnything clients to LWC by the end of 2023. You’ll want to transition by then to take full advantage of a key road-mapped item: the ability to use CalendarAnything while offline. This feature will launch around winter 2023. 

Silverline provides a service offering to help with your transition to CalendarAnything LWC, and it is available to all clients no matter the license count. The offering comes in five-hour blocks. It begins with a discovery call to see the kind of customizations built out within the Classic version, and then all of your calendars are moved over and cleaned up. Training is included for your users and end users. 

How Silverline can help with CalendarEverything and everything else

Want to see CalendarAnything in action? Check out our on-demand webinar, Supercharge CalendarAnything with LWC, featuring a full demonstration of these new features and more. 

Silverline’s many offerings extend beyond CalendarAnything. We tailor digital transformation solutions to meet your specific needs by leveraging insights acquired through 10+ years in the business and thousands of engagements, along with real-world expertise gained across the Media and Entertainment, Financial Services, and Healthcare industries. If you’re interested in learning more about our professional or managed services, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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