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This Week in Salesforce

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This week in Salesforce, we saw a lot of cool things posted in the development community (including this hilarious image of the Dos Equis guy a friend sent our way) as well as a great food-for-thought article from Peter Coffee about the future of innovation in the cloud. Check out the links below and have a fantastic weekend!

This Week in Salesforce


Lots has happened this week in Salesforce news! Check out some of our favorite links below for breaking Salesforce news on Dreamforce 2011, some great tips from the Twitterverse, and one surefire way on how to increase your user adoption. Have a great weekend!

Use CalendarAnything to Manage your Volunteer Opportunities

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After hearing lots of great feedback about all the ways that our customers are using CalendarAnything, we’re excited to share some of them here on the blog. Today’s sample calendar is a shout-out to all the hard work that the Salesforce Foundation puts into helping companies establish their own volunteer programs. For more information on how you can implement a volunteer program at your company, check out their philanthropic model!

Salesforce Chatter debuts Commercial during Super Bowl XLV

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More than 100 million people tuned in for last year’s Super Bowl, so it’s no stretch of the imagination to believe that the same was true for tonight’s match-up between the winning Green Bay Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers. And Super Bowl XLV delivered. What an exciting game!

But many Americans I know tune in just as excitedly for the sideshow — the Super Bowl commercials. Even the buttoned-up Wall Street Journal live-blogged the best and worst tonight. And in case you hadn’t noticed all the buzz over at the official Salesforce Twitter this week, they did indeed score the premium before-and-after-halftime commercial spots to advertise their Chatter service featuring a collaboration with Will.i.Am the Black Eyed Peas.

Salesforce Spring '11 Webinar Videos Posted

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In case you missed out on the webinars earlier this month (or had problems dialing in, like I did), Salesforce just posted recordings of their Spring ’11 release previews on their YouTube channel.

To learn about the top new features included in the Spring release — Criteria-Based Sharing, Chatter “Like”, Visualforce Inline Editing, and enhancements to Salesforce for Outlook, to name a few — check out the two webinar recordings here!

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