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Go Behind the Scenes: 10 years of Culture at Silverline

By 05.14.19
Reading time: 6 minutes

A milestone in the making — Silverline turns 10 this year! As we ready ourselves for what the next decade has in store, we’re also looking back on what has gotten us to where we are now.

What makes Silverline the place for so many? How did we come to be Silverliners? Why do we stay? It turns out, there’s lots to love about Silverline, and we’re proud to share what makes it so uniquely great.

Go Behind the Scenes: 10 years of Culture at Silverline 10    Go Behind the Scenes: 10 years of Culture at Silverline 7

The People

“The Slack channels are really useful for discussion, and there are frequent face-to-face Zoom meetings, so the virtual part doesn’t always feel so virtual.”
—- Brett Chandrasekhar

“I think we have incredible communication tools — Slack, Zoom, Chatter — that allow us to stay connected. I also think that our Coffee Buddies channel in Slack is an amazing way to keep connected and get to know my fellow Silverliners.”
Sarah Risen Roberts

“My absolute favorite days are when we try to cram the entire company in the New York office and everywhere I turn I see remote employees. It really warms my heart to see and catch up with coworkers I haven’t seen in months and actually sit down with them to chat (in person!!!). Using videos on calls to see coworkers is great, but nothing beats seeing someone in person.”
Kori Deitz

“It’s fantastic when we get to see everyone in the flesh. Also, every time there’s a big get together, Silverline tries to do a Silverline Cares event where we work together to give back in some way. It’s great team building and a way to support meaningful causes.”
Courtney Algeo

“I had an incredible epiphany in the Silverline interview process where my interviewer and I talked for nearly an hour about the neurology of leadership, and the importance it plays in team dynamics and leadership. It really opened my eyes to how much Silverline invests and understands that it’s the PEOPLE who make this place amazing. This was reaffirmed in a recent delivery meeting, where our leadership said that they want to optimize, not maximize. Making those distinctions is so important, and demonstrates that our leadership values us as individuals and PEOPLE, and not just resources to be assigned.”
Amanda Hill

“I love the people I work with! Projects are often challenging but the friction of the grind is greatly reduced when you’re working with awesome people who are 1) just plain ol’ good people, and 2) excellent at putting the client’s best interests at the forefront.”
Zach Baker

 Go Behind the Scenes: 10 years of Culture at Silverline 5  Go Behind the Scenes: 10 years of Culture at Silverline 8

The Perks

“Work-life balance. As a working mom of three, being able to work from home is HUGE for my family and my sanity. I get to spend the morning/evenings with my kids instead of commuting.”
Kathleen Ferrie

“THE FOOD. Definitely one of the biggest perks at Silverline, and I love love love food.”
Kevin Hoxie

“I came to Silverline because of the opportunity to hone an already incredible brand that touches so many lives through consulting and hands-on technology. But the bagels, massages, and happy hours help, too!”
— Jiordan Castle

“Favorite perks as a remote Silverliner has to be the unlimited PTO policy and that there’s an effort to bring us to NYC 1-2x per year for company events. And the company-wide Summits!! My favorite memories have been staying up past my bedtime playing cards (Euchre!) with Silverline friends and the awesome desert Jeep excursion trip a bunch of us went on last year in Phoenix.”
— Zach Baker

Go Behind the Scenes: 10 years of Culture at Silverline 9  Go Behind the Scenes: 10 years of Culture at Silverline

The Passion

“I love that there are so many Silverliners here that have so much knowledge with consulting, Salesforce, and working in general, and they’re always so willing to help me in any way possible (showing me how something works in Salesforce, what is the delivery process of a project, what they do in their role on a project, etc.). I can easily think of 10 people off the top of my head related to any topic Silverline focuses on (SFDC, methodology, project management, etc.) that I would feel comfortable asking and knowing full well they would love to help me.”
— Kevin Hoxie

“When I first interviewed, I was told that you could ‘walk’ up to anyone at the company and ask them for help, and they will happily. I’ve been here for almost four years; the culture has definitely [grown]. I’m really proud that this piece hasn’t changed. Every single person at Silverline is willing to help you with whatever you need, no matter what. Everyone wants to help you learn something new and will make time during the day to make sure they can help you.”
— Kori Deitz

“What I thoroughly love about Silverline is how amazing each employee is. When I’m collaborating with amazing people it doesn’t feel like ‘work.’ I’ve had meetings where my stomach hurts from laughing so hard and they were still highly productive. I appreciate Silverline’s commitment to Always Learning. I feel invested in and it motivates me. I’ve had the opportunity to learn new skills and been able to share them and apply them within Silverline with leadership support.”
Lizz Hellinga

Go Behind the Scenes: 10 years of Culture at Silverline 3

The Principles

“I joined Silverline because I wanted to work for a woman who was also a mother. I was accustomed to working with mostly men. We traveled a lot for customer work, and I was always the odd woman out. As I grew closer to having a family of my own, I couldn’t see how my work life and family life would ever be in balance, and I had no role models. I chose Silverline because it meant I would be in a place where I could see what it meant to be a mom and successful at work firsthand. I had my first baby four months ago, and while exactly how to balance the two elements for me personally remains to be seen, I feel like I have the support of an organization that will go out of its way to help me figure it out.”
— Kate Collins

“I hadn’t worked with so many women in tech in years. It’s powerful to see yourself at work. It makes me feel like I’m part of something bigger, like my voice is heard, and there’s room to grow.”
— Jiordan Castle


In My Own Personal Opinion

And now, for my own two cents on what it means to be a Silverliner, dear Reader.

Silverline is the first place I’ve worked where I felt trusted and respected for my experience and expertise on day one. I didn’t have to work my way up to earn anything, or tiptoe around politics to get a seat at the table. By accepting the job, I proved I deserve to be here. There’s so much magic in that. Everyone is here because they are experts in their field. Because we all start from that place of power, we do such incredible things together.


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