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Cybernews Recognizes CalendarAnything as a Best Salesforce App

By 09.27.22
Reading time: 4 minutes

Scrolling through the Salesforce AppExchange can feel a lot like entering one of those wholesale clubs. There are many enticing selections to browse with the underlying promise of making your life better. 

The Salesforce AppExchange is the marketplace for Salesforce integrations with thousands of prebuilt, customizable apps for every role, use case, and industry. It’s easy to get lost spending hours filtering and searching through the reviews to find the right apps for your organization.   

To help save you time, Cybernews has compiled a list of the best Salesforce apps that are set to boost your conversion rates, automate marketing processes, and improve customer satisfaction. We are appreciative that Silverline’s CalendarAnything app is featured on the list. 

You’ve probably heard about CalendarAnything, but you may not know how it became the number one Salesforce calendar app and why it deserves a rightful place on the Cybernews list. Let’s dive into all that CalendarAnything has to offer.

Cybernews helps users navigate the Salesforce AppExchange

Cybernews is an online resource that constantly educates its readers with the latest cyber and tech news. From cryptocurrencies to useful discount codes for VPN services, they really have it all.  

The Cybernews editorial team provides cybersecurity-related news, analysis, and opinions by industry insiders. The team works independently and transparently, so making the list of best Salesforce apps ensures recognition that isn’t backed by favoritism. 

In addition to CalendarAnything, the detailed list of best Salesforce apps also includes: 

  • Conversica – conversational AI solution
  • Document Extractor – document management
  • CT Mobile – award-winning mobile sales tool
  • Salesbolt – a lead-generation solution that helps businesses streamline processes
  • iSEEit – native Salesforce opportunity management tool
  • Otonomo – neutral automotive data services platform
  • Documill Dynamo – helps Salesforce-powered enterprises digitalize their core sales processes
  • Booking Ninjas – property management system
  • Arka – a cloud-based inventory management application

CalendarAnything is more than just a calendar

CalendarAnything is the number one Salesforce Calendar App. It has a five-star rating with reviews that rave, “CalendarAnything helps us keep our software trainers scheduled and integrates seamlessly with our Salesforce custom object.”

But why all the praise about CalendarAnything? 

It is mainly because CalendarAnything lets you view your business at a high level or get into the details — all on one screen. You can track marketing campaigns, projects, resources, events, and more. It’s completely customizable to your organization’s needs, whether you’re managing a team of two or coordinating hundreds.

With CalendarAnything, you can:

  • See everything you need to know at-a-glance in one view, organized and filtered by the most important variables
  • Manipulate Salesforce data directly from CalendarAnything to streamline processes and improve user adoption
  • Create up-to-date roadmaps, project plans, sales pipelines, and more
  • Tailor the app with a custom mix of variables to meet your needs
  • Always be connected via mobile and desktop capabilities 

Best of all, you don’t need costly custom development to have a 360-degree view of your operations. Anyone can set up and use CalendarAnything on day one and start taking advantage of these features: 

  • Easy and flexible: Drag-and-drop functionality allows you to create new records, update existing ones, and view details with a single click. Color-code data to make it easy to view and organize what’s important.
  • Find important information faster: Incorporate Salesforce information into existing workflows with calendar sharing, organization, and grouping functionality. Dynamically search for keywords and use custom filtering within Salesforce calendar records.
  • Mobile-ready: CalendarAnything lives within the Salesforce Mobile App, so you can view, add, and edit any calendar object right from your phone. Take advantage of our five different views adapted to mobile screens.

New CalendarAnything functionality and features

Silverline has rolled out a new managed package, CalendarAnything Lightning Web Component (LWC), that replaces the existing CalendarAnything Classic package. 

New and enhanced CalendarAnything functionality and features as part of the LWC package include a more robust UI to collaborate between users and teams seamlessly. Some of the other CalendarAnything updates include: 

  • Multi Create Records: With CalendarAnything LWC, you can create multiple records at the same time. You now have the ability to create multiple records with a single click, saving you the time and aggravation of creating one record at a time. The Multi Create functionality is available in all CalendarAnything views. 
  • Integration with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Slack: CalendarAnything is now integrated with popular video conferencing platforms needed for today’s remote work environment. Zoom and Microsoft Teams (currently in beta) meetings can be created, edited, and joined straight from CalendarAnything. With the Slack integration, users can seamlessly collaborate around meetings, such as checking availability with a Slack message or accessing meeting details with a direct link to the record page. 
  • Enhanced Gantt View: Gantt View is the perfect way to manage marketing campaigns, project plans, and schedules over an extended time period. Gantt View now better assists users by letting them see any field within the object they are working in and automatically setting an opportunity to be assigned. 
  • Custom Reminders + Email Notifications: Users can set up Custom Reminders and Email Notifications to be reminded about upcoming events on a calendar-by-calendar basis. Whenever a record is created, updated, or both, an email is sent to the user or user group. The email includes a link to the specific opportunity in Salesforce.

How Silverline can help make the #1 Salesforce App work for you

Silverline helps clients deploy, manage, and enable continuous value with Salesforce’s portfolio of products. In addition to CalendarAnything, Silverline also develops powerful solutions deployed on the Salesforce platform, best practice industry accelerators, and robust third-party apps. 

Discover why CalendarAnything is the highest-rated calendar application on the AppExchange by checking out our on-demand webinar, Supercharge CalendarAnything with LWC, featuring a full demonstration of the new features and more. 

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