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What To Do About Growing Emergency Room Costs


It’s an unfortunate truth, but receiving care in an emergency room often starts patients on a path to financial disaster. It’s easy to feel the frustration of both patients and caregivers as they’re stuck in a circuit of supply and demand that doesn’t favor either party. The cycle is clear to see: patients aren’t able to afford their medical bills, much less emergency room costs, and hospitals need to be paid so they can continue…
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Embracing the Benefits of Being a Woman in Technology


Growing up in a house of strong women, I always knew I could do whatever I set my mind to. My two older sisters and I were all STEM majors in college and grew up into successful members of the Women in Technology (WIT) community. I eventually graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Probability, Statistics, and Data Analysis and began my career at Silverline. From intern to full-time employee, I am now a…
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Dreamforce for Beginners: How to Get the Most out of Dreamforce 2019


Dreamforce 2019 is this November 19-22 in foggy San Francisco, CA. Chances are if you’re reading this — you’re going! And it’s your first time! Congratulations are in order. You’ve likely been inundated with lots of information about Dreamforce, or not nearly enough. We’d like to break it down for you and highlight what makes Dreamforce such a wildly popular and successful conference. First things first, what is Dreamforce? Here’s the Reader’s Digest version. Dreamforce…
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ERP and CRM: Integration Leads to Innovation


Enterprise Resource Planning software (ERP) has long been the gold standard of workflow management in manufacturing firms — tracking resources such as cash, raw materials, and production capacity, along with the statuses of payroll and purchase orders and miscellaneous supply orders. Made of collected applications, ERP systems collect information from these various data points, storing and interpreting their business impact and importance. Though ERPs were designed to influence and introduce agility into company workflows, as…
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Silverline Office Tour: New York City HQ

Around the Office

Our last stop on the Silverline office tour is our headquarters in NYC. I sat down with several of our Silverline NYC employees to talk about what makes having our headquarters in NYC so amazing! What brought you to NYC? Kori Deitz: I’ve lived in New Jersey all my life. When I started working at Silverline, I was still living at home and commuting in and out every day. The city offers so many opportunities and…
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A Day in the Life: Janel Bromberek

A Day in the Life

Job Title: AppExchange Account Executive Start Date: October 2017 What is a fun fact or something interesting about yourself? I’m a duel citizen for Canada and have two adorable Corgi puppies.  What is your position at Silverline? I’m the AppExchange Account Executive! I sell and demo anything on AppExchange, but mostly CalendarAnything which is our most popular product along with the new RSVP, a CalendarAnything accelerator. What does your average day look like? Wake up and drink…
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Is the Zippo Lighter the Epitome of UX Design?


As a UX designer, I’m always looking for points of reference, context, and analogy that will speak to my work. That’s why I keep a Zippo lighter on my desk. In my mind, the Zippo lighter is the epitome of good design and one of the best examples I know of pure UX genius. It defines a standard to which all enterprise software should aspire and uses all four core Salesforce design principles.  Salesforce design principles…
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Salesforce Lightning Readiness: Are you Prepared?


You know Classic. You’ve grown comfortable with Classic. For businesses that have invested heavily in Salesforce, the move from Classic or Console to Lightning can be difficult to start, allocate resources for, and ultimately, project manage. Straightforward, out-of-the-box organizations have several factors to consider when switching to Lightning, and the number of considerations increases with more customized (Classic) Orgs.  But making the move to Lightning has proven benefits for organizations: increased productivity, better reporting visuals,…
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What to Watch at the Digital Mortgage 2019 Conference


This September 23-24, mortgage leaders and digital innovators in the home buying and selling ecosystem will descend on the Wynn Las Vegas for two days of learning, networking, and fun (it is Vegas, after all) at the Digital Mortgage 2019 Conference. From fireside chats and keynote speakers to countless lives demos, this conference is sure to introduce new and competitive ideas to the marketplace. Sessions to watch: Salesforce, your LOS, and delighting your lenders Monday,…
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The Best Places to Get Coffee Near Dreamforce


Oh my! It’s the second day of Dreamforce and the jet lag, events, and walking around to all the booths have started to catch up with you! Where do I get coffee near Dreamforce?! Dreamforce is amazing… but it can also be exhausting. There is a lot to take in, people you need to meet, and tons of free swag you have to hunt down! A little caffeine pick-me-up is needed amidst the excitement of…
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