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CalendarAnything LWC is a application that enables you to create calendar views from any standard or custom Salesforce objects. The objects must contain a date or date/time field. This article provides the following information:

  • Installing CalendarAnything LWC
  • Configuring CalendarAnything LWC
  • Links to documents on using CalendarAnything LWC

For information on how to set up more advanced CalendarAnything LWC features that require System Administrator access, please refer to our ADVANCED ADMIN GUIDE, available on the APPEXCHANGE.

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Technical specifications

CalendarAnything LWC is supported on all Salesforce clouds plus any of the following installed Salesforce editions:

  • Enterprise Edition
  • Unlimited Edition
  • Platform Edition
  • Developer Edition
Important! users without one of the above editions are unable to use CalendarAnything LWC, even if they have been assigned CalendarAnything LWC licenses.

Existing Salesforce customers can update CalendarAnything LWC to the latest version at any time by clicking Get it Now on the CalendarAnything AppExchange listing. 

Installing Calendar Anything LWC

To install CalendarAnything LWC, you must have a Salesforce administrator account.  If you do not have Salesforce installed and want to start a free trial, click Get it Now on the CalendarAnything AppExchange listing, and then click Start Free Trial on the Create Salesforce Account popup.

Important installation tips: 

  • When prompted during installation, select Grant Access to ALL users as opposed to Admins Only. (Note that doing this may increase calendar load time up to three minutes the first time the calendar is loaded.)
  • Either before or after installation, disable Lightning Web Security and use Lightning Locker. CalendarAnything LWC does not currently support Lightning Web Security. Lightning Locker offers an equally secure solution.
    Additional Details on Lightning Web Security VS Lightning Locker 

For detailed installation instructions:

Accessing and Using CalendarAnything LWC

Get detailed instructions by clicking the relevant link below:

Embedding CalendarAnything

Admin Settings




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